Tales Of Three Kitties

So a few weeks ago, my friend wanted me to catsit her two babies as she went away on a short holiday…. Luckily she lives in my building so it made it easier for me to check in on them….. We decided to take Kitty up to hang out with them a couple of times and I wanted to share some of those pictures:)

Now Kitty has met Jackson (the orange tabby) and his sister Feona before. We have had a couple of play dates. But Kitty, being the bossy diva she is, still hissed at them and decided to ignore them in their own home LOL.

Jackson is slightly infatuated with Kitty… He follows her everywhere and tries to be friends… Feona is bit on the shy side 🙂 They are both such cuties!

Kitty is slowly opening up to them 🙂 I’m sure pretty soon they will all be best buddies!


Saying hello



Pretty Girl Feona


Jackson is such a lovebug!


And is a little obsessed with footwear!


Kitty has taken over their cat tree!



“Play with me Kitty” says Jackson


“I’m coming for you!”


” I will watch over you all from up here”



Handsome boy:)


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