Kitty Helping Kitties

As you may now know, Kitty is very active on Instagram! She has close to 9000 followers at the moment and have made some really great friends. Even though it may seem that it is all fun and games, Instagram is a great platform to get together to help cats that desperately need it.

Through connecting with many people who actively rescue cats, I have come to know of many high kill shelters that are constantly euthanizing cats for ridiculous reasons such as the shelter being full, the cat has a cold, etc etc. Many don’t even make an effort to find fosters or get treatments for the cats…

As an animal lover and a decent human being, I am disgusted by the fact that, in 2017, we are still dealing with high kill shelters. I find it ironic that they even use the word ‘shelter’! There is nothing safe and sound about a place that just stuffs an innocent animal in a cage, barely makes an effort to care for them and then kills them cold heartedly because there is no ‘space’! What is even worse is that governments and other authorities turn a blind eye to these atrocious acts! Of course, it wouldn’t go this far if we, as responsible people, do our best to take care of our pets and not think of them as some disposable property.

This has to change! It must! So I will do my best to at least be a part of the solution and have come up with a small way to help.

There are several rescues as well as individuals who work tirelessly to collect pledges and find fosters for cats who are in high kill situations. They have saved numerous cats so far and continue to fight! I pledge some dollars when I can but I want to do more!

So I have decided that every month, I will donate 10% of my sales from the Etsy store towards different rescues / individuals that work hard to save the high kill shelter cats! I will also do a feature of them right here and help them spread the word!


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