Cutest Cats Ever!

New Kid On The Block!  Please welcome Miss. Mia !

Mia wanted to write her own story! Here it is!!

“Hello everyone. My name is Mia . I am a nine month old kitty . My Papa adopted me on July 18,2016. I was born on October 25th,2015 . I have no sibling or at least that is what it says on my papers. When my Papa adopted me, he was hesitant at first but I put on my cat charms and I won his heart over.

I am a very friendly and outgoing cat and my Papa sees that, so he treats with lots of love and respect just like any other cat lover . I am thankful that I now have a home and someone that cares for me.”

Thank you Mia! We are so glad that you are happy! You are such a sweetheart!


We have another cutie joining our lineup!

Say hello to precious little Aria!!

This lovely lady found her forever home with Rob and Melissa in July 2006 from 4PAWS. She will be celebrating her 10th birthday this June!

Aria loves to eat muffins and cheese flavored popcorn when her daddy isn’t looking. She also loves anything honeysuckle!!

Isn’t she just gorgeous? She is also very up to date with world events as you can see by her choice of reading material! LOL



Her daddy tells me that Aria loves on command. She gives the sweetest head butts when you say ‘Aria love’. She is loved to bits!

This is her judgement face. She means business!!!

You are such a sweety pie Aria!!


A big meowing welcome to Kung Pow!

kung pow

Kung Pow was found in a barn and his mommy tells me that there is a cool story behind how he was found…. We will have to wait until she is ready to share it with us:) KP likes catch mice & play with baby French Bulldogs lol …… What a kissable face!!!


We have another cutie pie joining our line up of ‘Cutest Cats Ever’!

Here comes Jasper!


This handsome boy is a soon to be 2 years old . He loves anything wool and will steal yarn balls and growl while running around the house with them. He is very chill and spends most of his time inside relaxing. So cool Mr. Jasper!


Say hello to the totally adorable Pickles!


Pickles is 2 years old and was adopted from the SPCA. She loves laundry day!! As you can see here, she is helping her Mommy and Daddy to put away the socks:) Love this picture!

She loves jumping in puddles.. thinks she’s a dog (totally adorable!) and hangs out in the garage with her Daddy!

You are such a sweetheart Pickles! 🙂


The first “Cutest Cats Ever” are the dynamic duo Feona and Jackson.


The brother and sister duo were both adopted through the Hervey Foundation for Cats( when they were 4 months old by a lovely couple.

In fact, Feona was adopted first, however their separation was too much to bear so shortly after, they reunited her with Jackson. They adjusted to each other almost immediately and are inseparable now!

Jackson and Feona are both very loving and friendly.  Jackson is a clumsy,chubby,adventurous little boy who throws caution to the wind.  He loves going outside and “smelling the roses”; and is very affectionate and sensitive.  However, he doesn’t always have the best table manners as his sister will tell you.


Feona is curious, but more cautious than her brother.  She is a dainty, yet feisty little princess. She loves cuddling and playing in bed first thing in the morning.  Feona is the type of girl who will come to you in her own good time.  She loves games that allow her to use her hunting skills and watching her and Jackson play is always entertaining!

IMG-20151001-WA0036 20150915_154731

These two cuties are loved and adored very much by their mommy and daddy. They get special home-made treats and lots of toys to play with.

Thank you for being so adorable guys!

If you would like to give a loving home to a deserving fur baby, please visit The Hervey Foundation for Cats( and help a kitty find a forever home!

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