Welcome to CCLC!

Hello World!

Thank you for visiting the Crazy Cat Lady Corner!

This will be my platform to share thoughts, ideas, helpful hints and advice about anything cat related.

I didn’t start out as a cat person until about 3 years ago when my beloved Kitty joined our little family. In fact, in most people’s eyes I wouldn’t technically be classified as a cat lady since I only have one cat (so far!)

However, I think it opened up a new world for me.. a world of appreciation for all animals … I wanted to do what I could to make sure that every little fur baby out there had an opportunity to find a loving home like the way Kitty found with us….

This blog is about  my love for cats and I hope to use it as a method to share stories and advice with all cat lovers out there.

I am also hoping to use this platform to feature animals rescues, especially those who focus on cats. Watch for our Feature Rescue of the Month.

So I open the door to all of you……. let’s do this!


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