The Best Christmas Ever!

-Written by Kitty Mojito-

This Christmas has been one of the most memorable ones ever! I, Kitty Mojito made a ton of new friends over on Instagram and we had a blast taking part in a card exchange and two secret santa gift exchanges!

FYI the card exchange was my brainchild and it grew so fast that many IG accounts from all over the world decided to take part in it…..

First, let me share with you the two secret santa gifts…

The first one was sent to me by my friends Fred and Thunder (IG:@punkrawkgyrl). There were many toys for me and also a bag of treats for Mama. So lovely!

The second secret santa gift was sent to me by my new friend Chloe (IG: chloe.and.cleo.cats) … It was a great gift pack! It had toys, treats and also a great bag for Mama that had my photo and name on it!


And then we come to my other gifts…! Wow! I was so blessed … there were so many things under the tree for me… I think Santy Claws thought that I was a very good girl this year….. I also got an extra special gift from my Grandmeow in Sri Lanka… She made this lovely quilt with my name on it! I love it and I sleep on it everyday!

I also got over 50 cards from all my friends all over the world!! Aren’t they just lovely?



Mama says that I am the luckiest kitty out there to be so loved…. I think I agree with her.

Speaking of Mama, she did make me wear some strange clothes for Christmas. Do you want to see what I thought of it? I was ok with the green sweater but I really didn’t like the hooded sweater…. I kept it on long enough to take this photo!


And here I am finally getting to open my presents on Christmas morning!!


Mama tells me that there are a few more gifts coming in the mail. I will share about it when it gets here.

This concludes a very Merry Kitty Mojito Christmas 2016.

I wish you and your furbabies a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Purrfect New Year 2017!


Boo! Did I Scare You?

The last few weeks have been a bit eventful …….But amidst the hustle and bustle, I managed to get a costume for Kitty as well as attend a really cool event called Project Purr, an initiative by Berkeley’s Place.

So let’s start with the costume…..

This is Kitty’s first halloween costume and how fitting is it that she chose to be….Supergirl! She is definitely the supergirl in our home!


Doesn’t she look fabulous? I love her stance! She looks like she can take on the world! LOL Kitty was amazingly patient and didn’t put up a fuss when I tried the costume on her. I think she has now come to the realization that she will have to put up with my obsession of trying to make her the most famous cat in Canada! And this includes wearing outfits and posing for photos on a daily basis!

On to Project Purr…. This is an annual event which gathers people to build shelters for feral cats so that the kitties can stay safe and warm over the winter. It is so crucial that these cats have well insulated homes to find refuge in as winters here can get really brutal. If you would like to know more this project and other great events, please visit www.berkeleysplace.com.

Here are the shelters that were built at this event!


There was also a mini marketplace… Some really cute items were available for sale

I purchased some bandannas and catnip toys for Kitty. She absolutely loved them! Here she is having some fun with her new found goodies and rocking her new Halloween bandanna!

You can also find more great photos of Kitty and her new toys over at her Instagram @kittymojito. She now has over 1500 followers from all over the world!


Prepping For Halloween

I usually don’t pay much attention to Halloween….. I think I’ve only dressed up once… ever! LOL

But this year, I thought I would spend a little extra time and put some effort into getting a costume for Kitty 🙂 She now has over 1100 friends on Instagram and I have had some inquiries as to what her costume will be!  I think all her friends would like to see her in something fun for the holiday!  I don’t want to make it too complicated so I am hoping to buy something from the store and add a home made accessory 🙂 Watch this space for photos 🙂

Here are some ideas that looked appealing 🙂




I am not sure if Kitty will be patient enough to model such cute outfits however I will try 🙂


Visit To The Vet!

Well it’s that time of the year….. ! The dreaded visit to the vet!

In the past, although she isn’t too thrilled about being stuffed into a carrier and taken to the vet, Kitty hasn’t really put up too much of a fight…..

This year, it was actually a really enjoyable experience! PS. Kitty wants me to tell you that it was fun except for when the Doc used the bumstick!!!

Here is how our day went……

First, Kitty got all cosy in her stroller…… I love this stroller so much! Not only is it comfortable for Kitty, it saves me from getting a bad shoulder pain from carting the carrier around!



It was a beautiful day! We stopped to look at some butterflies and say hello to some doggies that passed by….


The walk up to the vet clinic was about 15 mins… Kitty was chilling out as she enjoyed the sights and sounds.

When we got there, she was so great! She patiently waited for Doc, didn’t fuss when she got the needle and held on to my hand when the dreaded bumstick  had to be used!


She was weighed, checked out and given some yummy treats by the Doc. She has a clean bill of health! Yay! We took a selfie to celebrate! LOL



And then we made our way to the pet store next door!

“What would you like, Kitty?” I asked her……

“Oh, that tuna snack looks good, Mama”she said….. We walked up the aisles and Kitty finally picked some treats….. She wanted to try something new…… So we picked up new flavours of Greenies and a new brand of wet food. Oh, and the bag of treats you see here is her gift from Doc!


And we started our walk back home!

Kitty had a little nap when we got back and then spent the rest of the day chilling out on the deck, snacking on her cat grass and enjoying the sunshine!



Do you have any interesting stories of when your kitties visited the vet?

You can comment here or email it to crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com.

Kitty and I would love to hear them!





Kitty Is On Instagram!!

Guess What?  Kitty has officially joined Instagram with her very own profile!

She has already found a lot of new friends!! Isn’t that amazing? My little Kitty, trying to conquer the world of Instagram! lol

Please follow her @kittymojito



She tells me that she is having lots of fun reading all the fun stories and watching all the great videos that her new friends are posting…… !





Kitty Mojito’s Story!

Hello hoo-mans…

I was just going to have an evening nap but Mama asked me to write something!

She is so busy these days with her new job… she is always studying and doing number stuff at home…. I miss her not being home during the day 😦

Today, I wanted to tell you my story and how I found my Mama and Daddy.

The memories are blurred. I remember being in another city…. I remember being in a place where people were not very nice to me….  They were mean… One day, my tail was broken…. another day, my little whiskers were burnt…. I was so afraid …. so afraid…

Some nice ladies from Whisker Rescue found me….. I was very sad… I don’t remember much of my life back then…I was only 1. But I do remember living in a cage at a store for a long time….. It was ok I guess. At least no one hurt me. I was warm and I had food. But I was still sad….

One day, this man came into the store and was looking at all the kitties … He played with me through the cage… I was so excited that someone talked to me and played with me…. His voice was soft and kind… After a few minutes, he left …. I was sad again… I guess I was going to be alone forever …. What I didn’t know was, that in the next few days, my life was going to change!

The next day, the nice man came back, but this time, he had a lady with him. She was sweet and kind too and she talked to me through the cage… She talked to me for a long time…. Then she walked around the store and started picking up things… The nice man was helping her…. Suddenly, the lady at the store opened my cage!! What??? I was getting out? What’s happening here???

The next thing I knew, I was getting put into a crate and carried into a car…… The nice people were taking me home!!! That day was the happiest day of my life….. I was taken to a nice apartment ….. I spent the day exploring and that night, I slept with the nice people (whom I call Mama and Daddy)in a comfy, warm bed! It was heaven…..

This happened about 3 years ago…. Since then, my life has been amazing!!

So much fun, so much love, so much adventure!!! It can’t get any better than this!

Mama and Daddy are the best thing that has ever happened to me….. !! And that is my story…… Ok Bye……!

kitty (2)







We May Be In A Video!

Kitty and I had the pleasure of being part of a behind the scenes video for a great pet photography company here in town!

Kitty actually won a contest which gave her this opportunity and it was one heck on an experience!!

It was a video about what goes into the making of a pet photography session.

I am not sure if I can give out any more details yet but once I hear back from them, I will share the video:) It will be featured on their website and you will be able to find it on YouTube as well.

It was fun and Kitty (although she was a bit stressed) did great!  I was told that they got some great shots and I am so excited to see the photos!

Speaking of photos, I caught Kitty taking some selfies with my phone!! What do you think? Isn’t she just adorable?





Crazy Water Bucket Day!

You will never guess what happened to me?

OMG! It is just horrifying! Just awful!  …… Ok so I might be overreacting but it was definitely not something I want to experience again soon! It has happened to me before but I forget…

It all started when Daddy filled the big giant bucket in the water room….. Usually I like the water room…. I follow Mama in there all the time, I sit on the big water bucket and play with bubbles…. I drink out of the water pipe….. It was all good….


But yesterday, “I” was the target! I don’t know why!

Was it because I dug up my kitty grass and climbed into that pot…. Or maybe it’s because I rolled in that pile of dirt when Mama was sweeping the kitchen. But I am not dirty!!!

Daddy carried me and put me in the water! My paws were all wet ….. I started to freak out! I mean, who wouldn’t! I don’t know how they spend so much time in the water…… it is so wet and slimy……eek!

I tried to stay still …….. But I just wanted to get out!

Daddy told me to stay calm and I will be nice and clean soon…… Then, he started to pour water on me! He made sure to keep my ears dry though…. He wiped my head with care… We, cats, have very sensitive ears so you must be careful not to let water get in them…. Daddy is a smart hooman…. He knows these things…







I know I look very brave here but I was scared on the inside!

Then Daddy put some strange foamy thing on me….. He kept rubbing it all over me…. He said it will help me with the itching….. It did feel nice but ‘get me out of this water’!!!


Mama was sitting by me the whole time…. I kept looking at her, hoping she will let me out of this hellhole but she kept saying ‘It’s ok baby, you will feel better soon’.

I trust Mama… I stayed…



I like this picture… Look at my moves! Looks like I am trying to hold the water…..




It felt like forever ……I tried to get out many times…. But I couldn’t! Water, Foam, Water, Foam! Rubbing, Scrubbing……. It went on forever!



Finally, Daddy took me out! I was soaked to the bone, I was angry and annoyed! But Daddy wrapped me in this big, soft cloth and dried off all the water…. I felt less angry…



Mama gave me kisses and told me what a good girl I was! Her hugs made me feel better…



After all that excitement, I had to spend hours drying off!


I must admit, it felt really nice…. I felt fresh and clean….. Mama said I smelt so good…. The bonus was I got extra treats for being a good girl:) There is always a silver lining!



It Is I, Kitty Mojito!


Welcome hoomans

It is I, Miss Kitty Mojito……. Mama is a bit busy so she told me to write something here….

I just woke up from a nap ……….

I was sooo tired from waking up this morning when Daddy was up getting ready for work…….He said it was 4am when he looked at that box that makes a shrilly sound each morning.

I always wake up with him hoping he would give me a treat…. It never happens …. Daddy knows that Mama gives me treats when she is up…… I try to be sneaky and get some from him too ….. But he is smart, that Daddy!

I went back to sleep after he left and woke up again with Mama…. Then she went out, so I went back to sleep… As you can see, I am tuckered out…. When Mama came back, she gave me 2 treats….

I love my Mama, she is very good to me……… I get so many hugs and kisses all day….. Sometimes too many…. Sometimes I just want to be left alone to sleep… but she comes and hugs me….She takes care of me …. My poo box is always clean….. There is always something in that dish where food shows up… I even have a fancy water dish…. Water flows around it … I like it… Mama says I am her precious baby.

I love Daddy too… He works very hard to take care of me and Mama… he wants to make something called ‘mooney’…. Must be some delicious treat because he seems to like it very much…. I hear them talking about it….

Daddy is tired when he gets home at night… but he still plays with me….. I love play fighting with him….. He doesn’t mind when I bit him a bit too hard… only sometimes….. When he annoys me a bit too much….

Ok, enough talking for now.. I have to nap ….. Maybe I will say more later…. Mama says that I have some friends coming over for dinner tonight…. I need to get some rest before that!