Katdid Konversation With Augustus

Good morning everypawdy!

Welcome to another edition of your favourite talk show ‘Katdid Konversations’

I am your host, Kitty Mojito

Today we are chatting with Augustus, a stylish stud from Montrose, Colorado!

He is 8 months old and is quite a fashion forward dude!



KM: Thanks for joining me today Gus! Let’s start by chatting a bit about your history. Tell me about how you found your human.

A:  At only five months old, my identical twin brother and I were abandoned at our local animal shelter by abusive and careless humans. We were underfed and as anxious as ever, but the people at the shelter were kind and offered us lots of love. For three weeks, we sat in separate cages, subject to the meows and screams of other kitties in the same situation. Strangers visited daily, always cooing at us and jabbing their fingers through the wires. Not once did any of these visitors take me out of my cage like they did with everyone else. The only pets and cuddles I received were from the animal shelter’s staff. They tried so hard to make me feel comfortable, but I always curled up in the back of my cage, hiding behind a sea of blankets and my litter box. One day, January 29th as I’m told, two humans came to my rescue. Both of them remained calm as they examined me. There were no unwanted fingers poking at me, but instead a click of the cage door being open. I decided to arise from the shadows and cautiously stepped towards them. Patiently, they allowed me to sniff their fingers, before one of them gently picked me up. She spoke softly, “He’s perfect. We have to adopt him.” And that was it. In less than thirty minutes I was walking on unknown carpet in an unfamiliar apartment, exploring the possibilities. This was home.

KM: That is such a wonderful story! I am so glad you found them! Now that you found your forever home, describe what a typical day in your life looks like.

A:  Most of my days start at 4:00 am, awoken by one of my humans mysteriously disappearing to this place called “work”. My eyes are always cloudy with sleep, disgruntled and disturbed by the early morning excitement. Mom doesn’t get out of bed despite my efforts to convince her otherwise. I strut around the living room chirping and meowing to get her attention, not because I’m hungry, but because I want to show her things; I want her to watch the sunrise with me. My tactics only become more intense once I realize she’s not getting up. I race from room to room, gripping the carpet and crashing into everything. Suddenly she’s awake, scrambling to grab me and take me back to bed. We snuggle up under the covers and I receive pets and scratches causing a series of purrs. Eventually she falls asleep and my eyes grow heavy. She wins…this time. By 9:00 am I’m practicing my shenanigans again, bringing all my favorite toys to the bed and attacking them vigorously. Two or three human sighs later I’m at last fed. Dry food, grain free salmon, my all time favorite, and a healthy dose of fresh water. After breakfast is the morning poop, timed perfectly to correspond with my human’s shower so that I stink up the bathroom, encouraging her to hurry it along. I lie on her pile of new clothes, keeping them warm for when she gets out. Next stop: lounging on the couch, and enjoying some lovely head scratches while we watch tv. At noon, Dad is home and psyched to see us. I no longer need to protect Mom, leaving my morning duties to do my daily bird watching. The windowsill is warm with sunlight and there’s always something new to see outside. Within the next hour I chirp and chatter at birds, before a bandana is slung over my head and a harness is buckled across my chest. The three of us head outside and it’s time to explore the grasses. I sniff a few dandelions and munch on some leaves. Without hesitation, I claw my way up my favorite tree and plop down to observe my surroundings. I do my best to model while Mom snaps some pictures, then we stroll around the block, avoiding the kitties who don’t like me too much. Back at home, we settle on a movie and while my humans are preoccupied with this entertainment, I stir up some trouble. I hop on the bar and shove foreign objects off. Everything belongs on the floor, including me since I have this condition called “litter box feet”. I leap down, grabbing my contraband and scurrying to the bathroom. Once there, I hide my stash under the rug, and flee, hoping no one has noticed my absence. I busy the humans by hunting my toys, wiggling my booty and pouncing on the unsuspecting victims. After a while of this, I’m pooped and ready for an afternoon nap. Hours later I’m awoken by the feeling of hunger. Dinner time! It’s always wet food and always a surprise, never chicken but always a fishy choice. Gobbling down each and every morsel, I lick my bowl clean. Then it’s on to washing my face, paws and butt. Back in the window, next the box, another nap, a tumble with my sheep, and all of a sudden this thing called “bedtime” occurs. Bedtime for me means a chance at playing on the counters, booping the plants and attempting to scale the cabinets. When this gets boring , it’s time to attack the litter box and make a huge ruckus, get in the bathtub and pull out drain and scarf down the last of my water. Off to sleep I am, cuddling in between my humans and dozing straight into dream land.


KM: Wow! Your days are full of so many fun times! I can tell that you live every day to the fullest! What kind of food do you like the most?

A: Nutrisca’s Tuna and Crab grain free wet food, Under the Sun’s grain free Salmon dry food, and Merrick’s Rabbit Cuts pouches

KM: What is your favourite toy?

A: My yellow lamb named Blep

KM: You are seen sporting some pretty fine bandannas. How would you describe your sense of style?

A: Trendy with a hint of adventure and spunk

KM: What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

A: Dogs shall not be trusted, they bow down to humans and they sniff lots of butts. I’m also not fond of other cats or strangers whether they be humans or not. I love bugs though!

KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be? 

A: To help all other animal shelter kitties like me find their forever families.

KM: That’s a very noble wish! I wish for the same! So tell me Gus, do you have any special skills?

A: Communication! I constantly communicate with my humans by meowing or chirping when they ask me questions. I also help my humans paint, sew and do puzzles. I’m an expert in booping, escaping harnesses, parkour, and hiding.


KM: So many amazing skills! What things are most important to you now?

A: My humans are beyond important to me. I hate seeing them upset or sick and I always attempt to comfort them and make them feel better. They are my heroes and I love them. Adoption in animal shelters is also very dear to me as I believe every animal deserves a chance at having a family.

KM: That is so true Gus! I wish that everyone will adopt a shelter pet and take care of them forever! How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

A: I never see any kitties in politics! Let’s elect one of our own into office! There is no representation of our kind and we deserve a voice!

KM: Most definitely. You should get in touch with Mr. Derpurrez @little_franklin! He is very active in the political scene! Now Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?

A: I love connecting with kitties and their humans through Instagram. I’ve forged tons of new friendships with social media. The downside is that I don’t have enough time to connect with EVERYONE like I’d like to.


KM: Do you have a special someone in your life?

A:  There’s a little orange kitty that lives in the apartment right above us! I always see her in the window when we’re out on walks. She is very beautiful! We’re a thing, she just doesn’t know it yet!

KM: That is so cute! I hope we get to hear more about her soon! What is your dream date?

A: Sprawling out in the grass, dining on fine tuna and drinking the purest of water whilst planning the future.

KM: Oh My! Aren’t you a romantic? 🙂 So what would you like to accomplish in the near future?

A:  I’d love to raise awareness on the benefits of adopting even more and aide in finding homes for the strays out there. If anything I’d love to make more new friends and create more bonds.

KM: Gus, thank you so much for joining me today. You are such a unique and wonderful kitty and I wish you all the very best!

Follow Augustus in all his amazing adventures @agoostusfloof on Instagram


Katdid Konversation With Ellie & Pippa

Welcome to another edition of “Katdid Konversations’

I am your host, Kitty Mojito.

Today we are talking to two really great gals from Bristol, Tennessee. Please say hello to Ellie, who is 1 year old and Pippa, who is 7 months. They are also known as the Gray Girls.

  ellie and pippa

KM: Thanks so much for joining me today! So let’s start from the beginning, how did you guys come to find your human?

Ellie: My human adopted me from an animal shelter on June 18, 2016.

Pippa: She adopted me also from an animal shelter on March 16, 2017

KM: Describe a day in your life.

Ellie: A day of mine consists of bird watching, eating, napping, playing with Pippa and napping more.

Pippa: I like to wake mom up early and have a cuddle session, then eat some, nap, play with sister Ellie and nap, nap, nap til the humans come home.



KM: Your human has returned home from a very long day of running errands. How do you greet her? 

Ellie: When I hear the key rattle in the door, I run to meet her at the door, usually laying sprawled out on the rug where she has to walk. Then I will give welcome home rubs on her legs.

Pippa: I’m usually napping in the window seat when she gets home and she wakes me up being all noisy. I meow my squeaky quack meow and want to be picked up and want to be majorly loved on for about 5 minutes before I am finished and want food.

KM: What kind of food do you both like?

Ellie: I have expensive taste. I will only eat the “real” wet stuff like tuna or salmon, usually made by Wellness or Applaws. I can’t help it I’m spoiled, my mother made me that way, hehee. But the rest of the time Pippa and I both eat dry food by Blue Wilderness.

Pippa: I LOVE tuna! When I first came home, I didn’t want to eat so I lost a bunch of weight. My grandmeowther got me some super smelly cheap food and I ate it up. But now, I like the good stuff that Ellie eats but I like Friskies too.

KM: Do you have a favourite toy?

Ellie: I really enjoy playing with my catnip banana but the laser pointer is “my precious”.

Pippa: I really like the laser pointer too, but I will play with anything! Especially yarn!



KM: You girls are very beautiful. How would you describe your sense of style? 

Ellie: My mom calls me a meowdel, I am a girly cat and I wear clothes sometimes. When Pippa messes up my hair when we play, I get mad at her.

Pippa: My mom says I’m a tomboy. I don’t like wear clothes, I hates it. I am very messy, especially when I eat. I throw food all around. She also says I need to take lessons on how to be a girl from Ellie, ugh.

KM: What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

Ellie: I have only been up close to one dog, I didn’t like it but I sat real still. Pippa is the only other cat I’ve been around since I left the shelter.

Pippa: I HATE dogs. The one that Ellie saw, I saw too. It came way too close to me so I swiped its nose and cut it. Ellie is the only cat I’ve been around since the shelter also, but I like her. She licks me on the head but she will deny it.

KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be? 

E & P: For mom to be able to stay home all day and never have to go to work.



KM: Ellie & Pippa, do you have any special skills? 

Ellie: I can jump super high, it always impresses mom how high and far I can leap.

Pippa: I have a very good purring motor. Does that count?

KM: Wow, those are some amazing skills! So, tell me guys, what do you value most in life?

Ellie: I like my heated bed, it’s very special to me. My mom got it for me after I “got fixed”.

Pippa: I think my home is important to me now, cause I didn’t have one before. And my family.

KM: How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

E & P: We are not a real political family. My mom votes for whoever she thinks is best so we kind of agree with her. So we would totally vote for a politician cat!! Male or female, we should make our meows heard.

KM: Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/don’t like about social media?

E & P: We have made several good friends on Instagram! I like that part of it and also seeing pictures and videos of other pretty kitties. I don’t like it when there are mean or rude comments posted as a response to a picture or video. We haven’t had that happen to us, but have seen it happen to others. If you don’t like something mom says keep your opinion to yourself.



KM: Do either of you have a special someone in your life?

Neither of us have anyone special but we are both taking applications for suitable gentlemen cats!

KM: I’m sure you will have to fight off the attention of many handsome gentleman cats soon!! What is your dream date?

Ellie: My dream date would be going to a seafood restaurant and ordering a plate of tuna with extra juice, then taking a nap, then go partying for most of the night before crashing to sleep again.

Pippa: My dream date? I’m not in a dating mood right now and would rather just stay home and sleep on mom’s lap while she watches TV or crochets.

KM: What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

Ellie: I would like to be a professional meowdel, I do a really great runway walk!

Pippa: I wish to not be so scared every time I hear a noise I don’t know. Other than that, I think I’m pretty content with the right now.

KM: Do you have anything else you would like to say?

E & P: Thank you for reading about us! “The Gray Girls”

KM: Thank you so much for chatting with me, ladies! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you both!

If you would like to follow the fun adventures of Ellie and Pippa, please follow them on Instagram @missellie_cat


Launching ‘Katdid Konversations with Kitty Mojito’

Dear friends,

It is I, your favourite feline, Kitty Mojito!

I am excited to share with you all a fabulously fun segment that I have added on to the blog called ‘ Katdid Konversations with Kitty Mojito

What is it you ask? Well, it is my own talk show where I interview many cool kitties. We talk about their lives, interests, etc. Just some good ol’ chatting amongst friends. You will get to know several kitties from all over the world! Isn’t that exciting?

INTRODUCING 'KATDID KONVERSATIONS with Kitty Mojito'  I am thrilled to announce that Mama and I will be starting a new segment for the blog!  It's a Q & A section where I will be interviewing other cool cats!!! It will be casual and fun banter amongst friends so I hope you will all join me!  I will be interviewing one cool kitty every week so if you would like to be involved in this fun venture, DM me.  Please use the hastag #katdidkonversationswithKittyMojito 😽😽📹✒📞🍁🐱

So every Sunday, I will be publishing one or two interviews right here on the blog so make sure you are following me!
If you would like to be a guest on this segment, please email crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com so that I can send some interview questions over to you.


Sleepy Time Routines!

We all have some sort of routine before bed right? Sometimes its a soothing cup of tea or a cookie or maybe it’s a beauty routine. Either way, we all spend a few minutes before bed doing something to get us relaxed and ease into a blissful night of sleep.

Have you even know for a cat to have a sleep routine? Well, let me tell you about Kitty Mojito and her daily night-time routine. She has two routines, one for when Daddy works night shifts and it’s just me and her. And the other for when both of us are at home.

Let me start with the one where we are both home at night.

When we sit down for dinner, Kitty joins us. No matter how early I put out her food, she will not eat until she sees us eating. I find this just adorable. When dinner is done and everything is cleaned up, we get ready for bed. For Kitty, this means dragging out her noisiest toy and positioning it just outside our bedroom door.

Fast forward, we are both in bed, lights are off, time for sleep…… And right on cue…. here come Kitty with her noisy toy…. she throws it around a few times…she waits for a response. If we say anything, the thrashing about continues. If we stay quiet, she starts her nightly singing… Mew, meow…..meoooooooooow…..

It goes on for a good ten minutes or so. If she can’t get our attention with the singing, she proceeds to jumping on the bed and doing a walkabout. Usually this includes walking on the pillows and all over us. She will also try knocking things over in order to get our attention. If neither of us wakes up and shoos her out, she will eventually curl up by the edge of the bed and go to sleep.

 Scenario 2 – Daddy is not home ……

 During the nights that Daddy is working, things are a bit more quiet. Kitty loves to play with Daddy so she is always excited when he is at home. When he is at work, she is a bit more subdued. So the nightly routine gets taken down a notch.

It goes like this …..

 Once I get ready for bed. I announce ‘ Kitty! Bedtime!’

She will usually follow me…She jumps around on the bed. Yay! It’s playtime! She attacks my feet … Jump, jump, jump….. Let’s play Mama!

I turn off the night light. Ok , now she knows that it’s quiet time. She does try to get my attention but eventually she will just curl up on Daddy’s side and sleep. Fast forward a few hours, usually between 4-5am, she will wake up and run around a bit, she will try to bite my feet by crawling under the covers. I have to calm her down and then encourage her to go back to sleep. This is the ONLY time she will sleep UNDER the covers. And she will stay under the covers until I wake up in the morning.

Having read this, you may think ‘ Hey that’s not a routine, it’s just something cats do!’ And I say to you, this IS a routine because she does this like clockwork, everything in the same order, at the same time, day in and day out 🙂 It’s just so amazing!

Animals are very intuitive and are smarter than we give them credit!



Prepping For Halloween

I usually don’t pay much attention to Halloween….. I think I’ve only dressed up once… ever! LOL

But this year, I thought I would spend a little extra time and put some effort into getting a costume for Kitty 🙂 She now has over 1100 friends on Instagram and I have had some inquiries as to what her costume will be!  I think all her friends would like to see her in something fun for the holiday!  I don’t want to make it too complicated so I am hoping to buy something from the store and add a home made accessory 🙂 Watch this space for photos 🙂

Here are some ideas that looked appealing 🙂




I am not sure if Kitty will be patient enough to model such cute outfits however I will try 🙂


Tales Of Three Kitties

So a few weeks ago, my friend wanted me to catsit her two babies as she went away on a short holiday…. Luckily she lives in my building so it made it easier for me to check in on them….. We decided to take Kitty up to hang out with them a couple of times and I wanted to share some of those pictures:)

Now Kitty has met Jackson (the orange tabby) and his sister Feona before. We have had a couple of play dates. But Kitty, being the bossy diva she is, still hissed at them and decided to ignore them in their own home LOL.

Jackson is slightly infatuated with Kitty… He follows her everywhere and tries to be friends… Feona is bit on the shy side 🙂 They are both such cuties!

Kitty is slowly opening up to them 🙂 I’m sure pretty soon they will all be best buddies!


Saying hello



Pretty Girl Feona


Jackson is such a lovebug!


And is a little obsessed with footwear!


Kitty has taken over their cat tree!



“Play with me Kitty” says Jackson


“I’m coming for you!”


” I will watch over you all from up here”



Handsome boy:)


Time For A Stroll!

It’s getting to be that time of year when we all want to spend as much time outside as we can….

Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year…. the flowers in bloom, the trees all green, street fairs, farmer’s markets, festivals galore, spending time out on the patio with a cool drink in hand……. ah! life can be perfect! 🙂

This is also the time that I try to go for walks (and an occasional run!) often…. Usually it is just me, sometimes with my husband and occasionally with Kitty 🙂

However, with it being so lovely outside, there are lots of other fur babies enjoying their time out as well. So this year, I thought I would invest in a little pet stroller ! This will allow me to take Kitty out while avoiding any unwanted interactions with those big doggies:)

I got some input from some cat enthusiasts on the various cat groups on Facebook…. spent a few hours online trying to find a good deal and eventually I managed to find a great stroller for a steal of a deal of $30 at a yard sale!

Here are some good tips to keep in mind when shopping for a stroller.


Safety first! This stroller has two safety hooks that can be attached to your pet’s harness


Make sure there is good ventilation all around!


There is enough space inside for her to move around!



This stroller also had a small bonus basket under it! Great to carry any extra treats or water for your trip!

So keep in mind to invest in something that has a sturdy frame, with lots of great ventilation as well as enough space inside so that your furbaby is comfortable … They need to be able to sit up, move around and enjoy the stroll! Extra pockets or baskets for storage is a bonus but not a necessity! The main thing is your pet’s safety and comfort!

Here is Kitty on one of her strolls .. 🙂



All ready to go !

kiity stroll



Happy, Happy, Kitty Day!

Today I spent some time reading about stories about the yays and nays of having a cat….Some were very touching and some were hilarious… ! As I read, I began to think how life has changed since Kitty came into our home.

People say life will never be the same when you have a child….

And while it may not be the same, I say life will never be the same when you have a pet! Once you get a pet, you are making a promise to provide a safe and quality life for that living creature!!  Yes it is a living, breathing, FEELING creature!

You would not believe how angry it makes me when I see or hear about people treating pets like they are some disposable object, like it is a fashion trend, to try it and then move on if it doesn’t work…. STOP!!!!!

If you do not have the TIME, MONEY or PATIENCE to take care of any pet, be it a cat, dog, fish, gerbil etc etc DO NOT GET ONE!! And if it is being mistreated, your pet’s life is more valuable to me that yours! There, I said it!

Ok! Deep Breath!!!

Back to the story…….

Let me walk you through a typical day with Kitty…

My husband and I usually wake up between 4.30am -5am to get ready for work. Kitty is so used to us being up at this time that if the alarm doesn’t go off for some reason, she jumps on the bed and meows until we wake up….. The down side to this is that she does this on weekends too ! lol

Once we are up, she follows one of us into the bathroom (usually me!).. While I brush my teeth, she drinks water out of the faucet and hangs out there while I get ready. Once I leave the bedroom, she dashes into the kitchen and waits for her wet food. It’s now 5.15am and as I get my lunch packed up, she rubs up against my leg and purrs up a storm until I pick her up and give her hugs. Hubby has already left by now.

Wet food out…. she is excited to try out a new flavor! She gets to try a new can every few days… Yes, she is spoilt! She will only start eating it when I start eating breakfast … Once we are both done and before I hear out the door, she stands in front the cupboard with a paw on the handle. Time for a treat before Mommy leaves for the day….Two treats are thrown in two directions and she chases them down ….. !

Fast Forward several hours …. I head back home after work and as soon as I walk up to the door, I hear her running. She greets me with loud meows and waits for hugs. She follows me while I freshen up and get things ready for dinner. She sits on the counter while I do the prep work and then the cooking. Once dinner is ready, she sits by the window waiting for Daddy to come home. Suddenly,her ears perk up, she bounces off the window ledge and dashes to the front door. She had seen Daddy outside! We all eat dinner at the same time. She is usually done first.. Then she sits next to us, hoping we will share some roast chicken or fish with her. We usually do…

She is now a bit hyper….She runs around, jumps on the cupboards, on the couch… off the couch, back and forth…. She is happy we are here:)

Night time… we settle in to watch some TV before bed. She hangs out with us, sitting up on her cat tree. Occasionally, she will jump down and sit on our laps and cuddle…  Her night time ritual is being brushed for about 5 mins. She loves it!!

It’s time for bed…. When the lights are all turned off, she follows us into the bedroom and does a small song and dance.. LOL… It consists of some loud meowing, loud rustling behind the blinds and then walking all over the bed in an attempt to see if we would wake up and pay attention to her. If there is no movement, she either goes back to her cat tree or sleeps between the two of us… And we repeat tomorrow!

That is a typical day with my sweet Kitty:)











Keeping Cats Safe In Winter

As the snow piles up and the temperature drops, health and safety risks increase for cats.

Here are five tips that will help keep all kitties safe and happy over the winter

  1. Keep cats inside

If a quick jaunt outdoors leaves you shivering and shaking, it’s too cold for your cat as well. You may think that they are accustomed to spending time outside but for their own health and safety, it’s worth keeping them indoors during the winter months.

  1. Create warm spaces indoors

Even indoors, it can get pretty chilly during the winter – make sure they have plenty of warm spaces to curl up inside the house. I have blankets and fluffy crate mats in several places around my apartment so Kitty has a warm, cuddly seat anywhere she goes.

  1. Before you start your car, bang on the hood

When the temperature drops, outdoor cats may seek shelter from the cold under the hood of your car. Give the hood a quick rap or honk your horn to scare away any hiding cats before you start your car.

  1. Be careful with chemicals

Antifreeze is highly poisonous to both cats and dogs. If you put antifreeze in your car this winter, make sure to thoroughly clean up any spills, securely replace the cap, and carefully wipe the sides of the container after use. You may also consider purchasing antifreeze made with propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol – it’s safer (though still dangerous) if ingested.

While antifreeze may be the biggest concern because its sweetness makes it taste good to animals, make sure you also clean up any other chemical spills this winter and try to limit your use of rock salt, which can make a cat sick if she eats it.

5.     Keep your neighborhood cats safe by building an outdoor cat shelter

Stray cats in your neighborhood may struggle to keep warm and find food in the wintertime. By making and maintaining an outdoor cat shelter, you can help keep your neighborhood’s strays warm and protected from the elements.


(Source: http://www.vetfolio.com)



Loves to play in the snow!


Adorable paw prints!


Kitty’s first snowfall! The look on her face is just hilarious!


Enjoying her walk in the snow!



Off On Holiday!

Hello lovely readers!

You  may not see any new blog posts in the next few weeks and here’s why! I will be away for the next few weeks with limited internet access…Hopefully, I will  be back just after Christmas!:)

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season…

Take time to make wonderful memories with family, friends and furbabies.. have fun, be merry and have a glorious time!

Here is Kitty enjoying her very own mini tree:)

xmas kitty