Happy Thanksgiving!


I love Thanksgiving! It is the perfect kickoff to the upcoming holiday season!

However, unlike most people, I am the least stressed when it comes to thanksgiving dinner. Why you ask? It’s because I am a planner πŸ™‚

I try to keep it super simple so it gives everyone more time to socialize!

Let me run you through a few things I do when I am prepping thanksgiving dinner for 2 or for 6!

  • The first thing I do is make a meal plan. This makes life so much easier when it comes to grocery shopping! Once I have my menu set out, I will make my grocery list. A simple tip to keep in mind is to stick to the basics. This is not the time to try out fancy recipes (unless you want to!)

My menu usually includes a protein (turkey, beef, chicken whatever!), some vegetable sides (salad, yams, potatoes, carrots, beans etc etc) and a nibbler. A nibbler could be something as simple as some fresh bread, buns or a fruit and cheese platter. See how easy that is?


The photo above was from last year! We had gotten through most of the meal before I remembered to take a photo!

This year it was just me and my husband. So we did a beef roast and mini potatoes in the slow cooker and had it with some steamed vegetables. It was delicious

  • Β  Another thing that helps with keeping entertaining stress free is to pull out all your serving dishes, plates, cutlery, glasses etc the night before. Wash, dry and set it all out on your table. This way, you are not running around looking for a steak knife at the very last minute!

I find a buffet style is so much more easier than doing individual place settings and gives it a more casual and homey feel.

  • Drinks and dessert – No meal is complete without them! One of my favourite items is a large dispenser as shown below. I like to fill it up with juice, water and add fresh fruit to it. You can set your glasses next to it so your guests can help themselves. For those who prefer a boozy drink, set up some shooters next to the dispenser so that they can add it to their fruit cocktail! Same goes for dessert.


If you are anything like my family, once the meal is all done and everyone has filled their bellies with all the deliciousness that was offered, it is time to relax! Have a board game or some sort of after dinner activity ready.Β  We usually play dice and it is a lot of fun! This is a great time to chat and just be thankful to be around people that you love.

So there it is.Β  You have just hosted a stress free thanksgiving dinner! Congrats!

For me, this is one of the few times in the year that I actually run my dishwasher lol. So once all the guests leave, I start cleaning and tiding up. I cannot rest until my home returns to it’s previous state! So once all the dishes are done and the place is tidied up, I make myself a cup of tea, put my feet up and chill!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Here is Kitty with some of her Thanksgiving treats!




Prepping For Halloween

I usually don’t pay much attention to Halloween….. I think I’ve only dressed up once… ever! LOL

But this year, I thought I would spend a little extra time and put some effort into getting a costume for Kitty πŸ™‚ She now has over 1100 friends on Instagram and I have had some inquiries as to what her costume will be! Β I think all her friends would like to see her in something fun for the holiday! Β I don’t want to make it too complicated so I am hoping to buy something from the store and add a home made accessory πŸ™‚ Watch this space for photos πŸ™‚

Here are some ideas that looked appealing πŸ™‚




I am not sure if Kitty will be patient enough to model such cute outfits however I will try πŸ™‚


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving my beloved readers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time with loved ones!

Mine was pretty great! And as promised, I wanted to share some of the highlights of my day with you.

Now I didn’t get an opportunity to take a lot of pictures however I did manage to snap a few shots of the food in between all the crazy cooking.

Here is Kitty warming up the turkey platter


Appetizers were Spinach Dip served with crusty bread and Chicken Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

20151012_151843 20151012_151850

A slow cooked Pot Roast with mini potatoes


As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get to snap a photo when the table was set so here are some photos taken halfway through the meal πŸ™‚

The rest of the meal included a Buttery Root Vege Mash, Spanako Pizza, Apple Cucumber Salad and of course Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy.

20151012_155037 20151012_160323

For dessert, we had a choice of Raspberry Cake, Pear Galette and Pecan Pie.

20151012_171526 20151012_171548

Here is my drink station. I dressed up the glasses with twine and a little leaf πŸ™‚


The day was filled with great food and wonderful company!!