It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

As much as I love this time of year, it is also one of the busiest times!

And no matter how organized I try to be, there is always that last minute rush of trying to add on to gifts etc.

This year, I made my Christmas list months ahead, allotted a budget to each person and sent out all my holiday cards in November. I purchased most of the items on the list on Black Friday and they are all wrapped and ready to go as of today!

The  only person on the list that I am still sort of working on is Kitty!

Let me backtrack a bit and tell you about how things work in our household during the Christmas season.

Our gift list is usually pretty small. It mostly includes immediate family and a few friends. So this makes things a bit easier.

As for my husband and I, we usually don’t buy each other any large gifts. We decide on a budget as to what we each will spend on the other person and do small stocking stuffers, gift cards or use that money towards a new experience. I, for one, LOVE gift cards! It is the ideal gift you can get me! I prefer to shop in my own time so this works out perfect!

So in a nutshell, thanks to my slight OCD, I am Christmas ready by the beginning on December.  And of course, Kitty loves all the lights and bling that gets put out so she spends most of her time cuddled up under her little tree! Yes, you heard me… HER tree! We gave up trying to have a full sized tree 2 years ago as it didn’t survive her pawing and climbing! So now we decorate a tiny 3 foot tree especially for her:)


Here is Kitty enjoying some of the snow and then followed by a snuggle session under her favourite blanket to stay warm!


We sent out over 60 cards this year to Kitty’s Instagram friends! We have now started to receive many cards as well! The adorable bowtie you see her wearing is from a Canadian company called Fancy Paws 🙂


The Holiday Season Is Here!

My most favourite time of the year!

There is something so magical about the Christmas season….. the lights, the decorations, the songs, the snow…….just an all round feeling of joy!

So this year, to celebrate the season as well as the opening of my Etsy shop, I added several cute pet bandannas to my repertoire. Kitty loves trying on new bandannas so I wanted to give the opportunity to other cat parents to purchase these fun items for their own kitties.

I have had great feedback about them so I hope to add more fun prints in the coming months!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts 🙂


Here Comes Fall!

I can’t believe how quickly time is going by… It is almost October!

As much as I love summer, Fall is one of my favourite times of the year.. There is something about the cool, crisp air, the ever changing colours of the leaves that are so beautiful and of course, the boots and sweaters kind of weather! I love sitting outside, wrapped in a blanket, sipping on some hot tea…… !

This fall will be even more exciting for me as I have officially launched my new book ‘Home is where my cat is’. I have had great response to the book and I look forward to selling lots of copies in order to raise funds for Berkeley’s Place and Safe Team Rescue!

If you were wondering how to get your hands on a copy, you can order online at http://www.blurb.com/b/7353558-home-is-where-my-cat-is or send me an email at crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com.





Back In Business!

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

I am finally able to relax (sort of!) as 8 weeks of training and exams for my new job are almost over! Yay!

Now it’s time to share some news with you!

First, we are hoping to build a new home and I am so excited to have a backyard so Kitty can have a catio!

Second, we got a chance to see all the images from the photoshoot that Kitty won from Chewed Slippers Pet Photography!!

They are fabulous!

Here are some of my favourite images:)


Chewed Slippers Photography-02Chewed Slippers Photography-09Chewed Slippers Photography-11Chewed Slippers Photography-24Chewed Slippers Photography-57Chewed Slippers Photography-65Chewed Slippers Photography-67Chewed Slippers Photography-81Chewed Slippers Photography-83Chewed Slippers Photography-92

Aren’t these just amazing?


Chewed Slippers Pet Photography does fantastic work! I highly recommend you visit their website www.chewedslippers.com and book a session for your furbaby!



Why So Silent?

Hello friends!

It is I! The Crazy Cat Lady!

I apologize for not writing any new blog posts over the past few weeks!

Life has gotten a tad bit hectic since I started a new job! And my weekends are dedicated to catching up on errands, chores and all that other non-fun stuff that needs to get done !

Yeah, being an adult sucks sometimes….

A.N.Y.W.A.Y ……. I just wanted to check back in here and let you all know that I am still around…:) Kitty has been keeping me company and has been helping me around the house so that’s a plus:) She has been wanting to take over the blog for a bit while I deal with my busyness:) I just may let her !;)

We also heard back from the photography place about the video we did….It turns out that we have to go back next month for a retake…. I will update you on that when I know ….

For now I will leave you with these adorable photos of my princess:)





Happy Canada Day!

Today, Canada turns 149!

Kitty and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Canada Day!!

We love this beautiful country so much and are so proud to be Canadians!
It’s the best country in the whole world!

We are hoping to catch some of the celebrations later tonight by checking out some fireworks!  Photos to come…..

kitty canada





Something Creative, Something Cool!

As you may have seen in my earliest posts, I am slowing including new items to the Crazy Cat Lady Shop!

The bookmarks were a huge hit and I am down to my last 10!  They were just fe-lying out of here!

So to celebrate that success,I have added on some cool postcards to my repertoire. They can be used as postcards / thank you cards /greeting cards (for those of us who still love sending old fashioned mail!) or pop them in a frame and you have a really cool art piece!

You can pre-order by emailing me or leaving a comment on here and I will start shipping them out mid June.


postcard - back


Let me know what you think! 🙂 I love hearing from you!


Edmonton Cat Fest Day!

I had the opportunity to check out this amazing event yesterday!!

It was such a wonderful and fun filled day!

Here are some of the highlights of the festival ….. Enjoy!





That’s me with my goody bag!


It’s starting to get busy!


Nala Cat is here!


She is such a doll


Hey pretty kitty


Getting ready to pose with her many many fans!

nala swag

picked up some Nala cat swag! Check out this cute lanyard!


Nala Cat had some great gear for sale!




Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club


Pet’s Pantry Society, Edmonton’s first pet food bank

I picked up this really cute denim bag from here


The Cats of Edmonton Booth had some great stuff! I got these cute magnets there!



Kitten TV



Some amazing vendors with unique items!


A great variety of programs and information sessions! 



These are actually litter box stations!



Got this Purrogie catnip toy from the vendor shown above!


Look at all the beautiful accessories!



Yay! Cats of Instagram was here!

Some cuties from Little Cats Lost

Rosie the Serval Cat from the Edmonton Valley Zoo made an appearance!


OOh! Contest time!



My Kitty is the first contestant ! Here she is in her ‘everyday’ look


This is her ‘formal’ look


Swimsuit Category


And her answer to the final question ‘ How would you make the world a better place?’



All the swag and freebies that I got at this amazing festival!

I picked up this great Pet First Aid Kit from this vendor! It was such a worthwhile buy!


This vendor had the most beautiful jewellery and accessories! I got this super soft scarf from here! Isn’t it beautiful?


Looking forward to the next one!! See you next year #YEGCatFest


Winner! Winner!

Thank you to all the new followers!! I entered all your names into the draw for the IPhone 5 case.

And the winner is …….


Number of items to pick:
Draw date: 2016-04-15 23:21:24
place #1: zareek

(winner picked using  www.randomresult.com)

Please email crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

Follow Me, Everything Is Alright

In the past few days, I have spent some time actively looking for some fun blogs to follow…

I found some new blogs started by friends as well as some really cool cat blogs, some great art blogs…… such talent out there!

So I wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who has clearly spent tons of time and energy putting together all these lovely sites full of fun stories, pretty things and great advice….
Every blog that I came across had something unique to offer….!!!

That got me thinking ……….

I would love to just quit my day job and blog full time!!! I think that would be my ideal career…. I love to write and I love sharing all my random thoughts and ideas with anyone who is willing to read them! Maybe someday I will be one of those successful bloggers out there:) What’s better than sitting in your pj’s and writing for the world to see:) ?

In the meantime, I thank those who are following me on this journey and I invite you to share it with everyone you know (and don’t know!!)

Let them all know that Crazy Cat Lady Corner is a fun place to hang out!

Share the link on your Facebook Page ……. use the hashtag #crazycatladycorner …. Get that word out ! I looooove to hear from readers so please comment on anything you see on here!! I will be waiting to hear from you!