Follow Me, Everything Is Alright

In the past few days, I have spent some time actively looking for some fun blogs to follow…

I found some new blogs started by friends as well as some really cool cat blogs, some great art blogs…… such talent out there!

So I wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who has clearly spent tons of time and energy putting together all these lovely sites full of fun stories, pretty things and great advice….
Every blog that I came across had something unique to offer….!!!

That got me thinking ……….

I would love to just quit my day job and blog full time!!! I think that would be my ideal career…. I love to write and I love sharing all my random thoughts and ideas with anyone who is willing to read them! Maybe someday I will be one of those successful bloggers out there:) What’s better than sitting in your pj’s and writing for the world to see:) ?

In the meantime, I thank those who are following me on this journey and I invite you to share it with everyone you know (and don’t know!!)

Let them all know that Crazy Cat Lady Corner is a fun place to hang out!

Share the link on your Facebook Page ……. use the hashtag #crazycatladycorner …. Get that word out ! I looooove to hear from readers so please comment on anything you see on here!! I will be waiting to hear from you!







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