Homemade Cat Treats!

So it all started when I was trying to find a cute treat/cake for Kitty’s birthday a few weeks ago…… As I went from one pet store to another, all I found was adorable doggy biscuits and cutely decorated dog cakes !

I mean, look at these! They are just too cute for words!!!


Anyway, my search ended with me coming home empty-handed, meaning I didn’t find anything cute and adorable like the above pictures!

So I had a chat with my buddy Ruby (a fellow cat mom,crazy cat lady and creative genius)the other day and we ended up talking about how there is a lack of specialty cat treats out there!

She had actually made some super adorable cat treats for Kitty awhile back….


So we decided that I try to make some cute home made treats and see how it goes….

The idea is to use very limited ingredients, mainly appeal to a cat’s natural carnivorous diet and make a few different varieties. Kitty and Ruby’s babies Jack and Feo will be the taste testers.

I have found some basic recipes and I am hoping to put my own twist on them…

Watch this space for how things turn out!! 🙂




I have tried my first recipe …. Here is the link https://crazycatladycorner.org/2016/04/14/homemade-cat-treats-part-2/


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