Hooray For Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner! And this year, I had Kitty’s costumes ready to go since July! Since I kind of dropped the ball on it last year, this time around I started looking on swap pages and garage sales for some fun costumes for her a few months ago (I refuse to pay full price at the pet store!).

Luckily, I went to a yard sale hosted by a local rescue organization awhile back and managed to find some super adorable costumes for a few dollars.

So let me start by introducing ‘Wonder Kitty Mojito Woman’ !



Like the original Wonder Woman, Wonder Kitty Mojito Woman oozes style and grace. She is strong and powerful (like when she battles with the evil mousie), wise beyond her years and is full of love and wonder (why else would she let me dress her up?) Yes, I know Wonder Woman wasn’t blonde but hey! why blend in when you can stand out?


Next, we move on to the Mad Hatter! Not sure what’s with the bunny ears but it is adorable!


One of my favourite costumes this year is the Little Witch. She looks absolutely adorable in this costume and with a little coaxing, I was able to get her to sit long enough for these super cute photos!




We also had a little fun with Batty Mojito and a simple pumpkin scarf that can also be worn as a skirt!


And what Halloween without a good ol’ pirate lass!

Arrr, so ye be wantin’ t’ go to sea an’ ye don’t be wantin’ t’ end up in Davy Jones’ Locker. Then ye best be learnin’ t’ be talkin’ like a buccaneer.


I’m sure Kitty would love to hear your thoughts on her outfits! Please leave a comment and let her know!

Have a super scary and fun Halloween!


Kitty Turns 5!

While April 1st is known for ‘April Fools Day’, it is also known as Kitty Mojito’s birthday!Yes, it is a big deal and this year, since we are not in our home to celebrate it as we do every year, Kitty had a great birthday up on the 28th floor of a downtown highrise!

Turning 5 in cat years in equivalent to around 34ish in human years. So I made an extra special banner, set out some party leis, got some cat wine (yes! there is such a thing!) and make a small cake with her canned food topped with her favourite freeze dried shrimp!


Here is Kitty checking out the décor and cake

The cake was simple and super easy!

And what’s a party without some wine! These lovely bottles are a creation by Pet Winery.


After a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ and hugs and kisses all around, Kitty dug into the yummy goodies.


And finally, the birthday girl decided to pose… Here she is wearing a lovely bandanna that was gifted to her by her best friends in Utah, Bonnie and Clyde. She also decided to try on the party leis!

The festivities didn’t end here. Her Instagram buddies flooded her with birthday wishes and we had a weekend long party on Instagram with her good buddies Timmy and Jimmy who threw a fabulous party. Check out the hashtag #timmyandjimmyandkittymojitoaprilfoolsbirthdaypawty

What did you wish for on your birthday, Kitty?
I wished to be a full time meowdel, Mama

That’s a great wish, Kitty! I will see what I can do to make that wish come true for you
Thanks Mama, do you really think I can be as famous as Nala and Grumpy cat?

Of course, Kitty. You are the sweetest kitty ever and everyone loves you already
Yes, I am very loveable aren’t I? Now can I get some extra shrimpies with dinner 😉 ?






What Is This ‘Hotel’ Place?

-Written by Kitty Mojito-

If you follow this blog, you know what happened to me last week!

By me, I mean to Mama and Daddy…. Did you hear about all that water?

Waouw! When the water started to drip from the ceiling, I tried to help Mama but she shooed me away. Later, so many strange people kept coming in….. Mama started to move things out of the places that the water was coming from….I was getting scared because there were things and people everywhere….!!!

Later, Mama told me that we have to go… to some place called ‘hotel. She said that we have to stay there for a while… Hmm, I didn’t like the sound of it… leave all my toys and my cat tower behind? No way!

Eventually, I did end up going with them… There was an incident in the car on my way there. I don’t want to talk about it. I am sure Mama must have told you by now. She can’t keep a secret!

So this ‘ hotel’ place…… At first, it was weird! I took some time to explore!

I found this really cool box that was warm and had flames! Mama said it’s called ‘fireplace. I checked it out…. I really liked laying in front of it. It was toasty and warm.


As the days went by, I became a bit more brave. I sat by the window, watching people and cars go by. Daddy also look me out to the patio and I rolled around in the dirt! Ooh that felt good!


Mama had brought some of my toys so I spent many evenings playing with them and also cuddling on the couch with Mama and Daddy while watching TV. And of course, I cuddled with them on the big, giant bed and we all slept happily every after.

The End.