Why So Silent?

Hello friends!

It is I! The Crazy Cat Lady!

I apologize for not writing any new blog posts over the past few weeks!

Life has gotten a tad bit hectic since I started a new job! And my weekends are dedicated to catching up on errands, chores and all that other non-fun stuff that needs to get done !

Yeah, being an adult sucks sometimes….

A.N.Y.W.A.Y ……. I just wanted to check back in here and let you all know that I am still around…:) Kitty has been keeping me company and has been helping me around the house so that’s a plus:) She has been wanting to take over the blog for a bit while I deal with my busyness:) I just may let her !;)

We also heard back from the photography place about the video we did….It turns out that we have to go back next month for a retake…. I will update you on that when I know ….

For now I will leave you with these adorable photos of my princess:)





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