Visit To The Vet!

Well it’s that time of the year….. ! The dreaded visit to the vet!

In the past, although she isn’t too thrilled about being stuffed into a carrier and taken to the vet, Kitty hasn’t really put up too much of a fight…..

This year, it was actually a really enjoyable experience! PS. Kitty wants me to tell you that it was fun except for when the Doc used the bumstick!!!

Here is how our day went……

First, Kitty got all cosy in her stroller…… I love this stroller so much! Not only is it comfortable for Kitty, it saves me from getting a bad shoulder pain from carting the carrier around!



It was a beautiful day! We stopped to look at some butterflies and say hello to some doggies that passed by….


The walk up to the vet clinic was about 15 mins… Kitty was chilling out as she enjoyed the sights and sounds.

When we got there, she was so great! She patiently waited for Doc, didn’t fuss when she got the needle and held on to my hand when the dreaded bumstick  had to be used!


She was weighed, checked out and given some yummy treats by the Doc. She has a clean bill of health! Yay! We took a selfie to celebrate! LOL



And then we made our way to the pet store next door!

“What would you like, Kitty?” I asked her……

“Oh, that tuna snack looks good, Mama”she said….. We walked up the aisles and Kitty finally picked some treats….. She wanted to try something new…… So we picked up new flavours of Greenies and a new brand of wet food. Oh, and the bag of treats you see here is her gift from Doc!


And we started our walk back home!

Kitty had a little nap when we got back and then spent the rest of the day chilling out on the deck, snacking on her cat grass and enjoying the sunshine!



Do you have any interesting stories of when your kitties visited the vet?

You can comment here or email it to crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com.

Kitty and I would love to hear them!





Why So Silent?

Hello friends!

It is I! The Crazy Cat Lady!

I apologize for not writing any new blog posts over the past few weeks!

Life has gotten a tad bit hectic since I started a new job! And my weekends are dedicated to catching up on errands, chores and all that other non-fun stuff that needs to get done !

Yeah, being an adult sucks sometimes….

A.N.Y.W.A.Y ……. I just wanted to check back in here and let you all know that I am still around…:) Kitty has been keeping me company and has been helping me around the house so that’s a plus:) She has been wanting to take over the blog for a bit while I deal with my busyness:) I just may let her !;)

We also heard back from the photography place about the video we did….It turns out that we have to go back next month for a retake…. I will update you on that when I know ….

For now I will leave you with these adorable photos of my princess:)





Happy Canada Day!

Today, Canada turns 149!

Kitty and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Canada Day!!

We love this beautiful country so much and are so proud to be Canadians!
It’s the best country in the whole world!

We are hoping to catch some of the celebrations later tonight by checking out some fireworks!  Photos to come…..

kitty canada





We May Be In A Video!

Kitty and I had the pleasure of being part of a behind the scenes video for a great pet photography company here in town!

Kitty actually won a contest which gave her this opportunity and it was one heck on an experience!!

It was a video about what goes into the making of a pet photography session.

I am not sure if I can give out any more details yet but once I hear back from them, I will share the video:) It will be featured on their website and you will be able to find it on YouTube as well.

It was fun and Kitty (although she was a bit stressed) did great!  I was told that they got some great shots and I am so excited to see the photos!

Speaking of photos, I caught Kitty taking some selfies with my phone!! What do you think? Isn’t she just adorable?





Edmonton Cat Fest Day!

I had the opportunity to check out this amazing event yesterday!!

It was such a wonderful and fun filled day!

Here are some of the highlights of the festival ….. Enjoy!





That’s me with my goody bag!


It’s starting to get busy!


Nala Cat is here!


She is such a doll


Hey pretty kitty


Getting ready to pose with her many many fans!

nala swag

picked up some Nala cat swag! Check out this cute lanyard!


Nala Cat had some great gear for sale!




Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club


Pet’s Pantry Society, Edmonton’s first pet food bank

I picked up this really cute denim bag from here


The Cats of Edmonton Booth had some great stuff! I got these cute magnets there!



Kitten TV



Some amazing vendors with unique items!


A great variety of programs and information sessions! 



These are actually litter box stations!



Got this Purrogie catnip toy from the vendor shown above!


Look at all the beautiful accessories!



Yay! Cats of Instagram was here!

Some cuties from Little Cats Lost

Rosie the Serval Cat from the Edmonton Valley Zoo made an appearance!


OOh! Contest time!



My Kitty is the first contestant ! Here she is in her ‘everyday’ look


This is her ‘formal’ look


Swimsuit Category


And her answer to the final question ‘ How would you make the world a better place?’



All the swag and freebies that I got at this amazing festival!

I picked up this great Pet First Aid Kit from this vendor! It was such a worthwhile buy!


This vendor had the most beautiful jewellery and accessories! I got this super soft scarf from here! Isn’t it beautiful?


Looking forward to the next one!! See you next year #YEGCatFest


Crazy Water Bucket Day!

You will never guess what happened to me?

OMG! It is just horrifying! Just awful!  …… Ok so I might be overreacting but it was definitely not something I want to experience again soon! It has happened to me before but I forget…

It all started when Daddy filled the big giant bucket in the water room….. Usually I like the water room…. I follow Mama in there all the time, I sit on the big water bucket and play with bubbles…. I drink out of the water pipe….. It was all good….


But yesterday, “I” was the target! I don’t know why!

Was it because I dug up my kitty grass and climbed into that pot…. Or maybe it’s because I rolled in that pile of dirt when Mama was sweeping the kitchen. But I am not dirty!!!

Daddy carried me and put me in the water! My paws were all wet ….. I started to freak out! I mean, who wouldn’t! I don’t know how they spend so much time in the water…… it is so wet and slimy……eek!

I tried to stay still …….. But I just wanted to get out!

Daddy told me to stay calm and I will be nice and clean soon…… Then, he started to pour water on me! He made sure to keep my ears dry though…. He wiped my head with care… We, cats, have very sensitive ears so you must be careful not to let water get in them…. Daddy is a smart hooman…. He knows these things…







I know I look very brave here but I was scared on the inside!

Then Daddy put some strange foamy thing on me….. He kept rubbing it all over me…. He said it will help me with the itching….. It did feel nice but ‘get me out of this water’!!!


Mama was sitting by me the whole time…. I kept looking at her, hoping she will let me out of this hellhole but she kept saying ‘It’s ok baby, you will feel better soon’.

I trust Mama… I stayed…



I like this picture… Look at my moves! Looks like I am trying to hold the water…..




It felt like forever ……I tried to get out many times…. But I couldn’t! Water, Foam, Water, Foam! Rubbing, Scrubbing……. It went on forever!



Finally, Daddy took me out! I was soaked to the bone, I was angry and annoyed! But Daddy wrapped me in this big, soft cloth and dried off all the water…. I felt less angry…



Mama gave me kisses and told me what a good girl I was! Her hugs made me feel better…



After all that excitement, I had to spend hours drying off!


I must admit, it felt really nice…. I felt fresh and clean….. Mama said I smelt so good…. The bonus was I got extra treats for being a good girl:) There is always a silver lining!



Time For A Stroll!

It’s getting to be that time of year when we all want to spend as much time outside as we can….

Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year…. the flowers in bloom, the trees all green, street fairs, farmer’s markets, festivals galore, spending time out on the patio with a cool drink in hand……. ah! life can be perfect! 🙂

This is also the time that I try to go for walks (and an occasional run!) often…. Usually it is just me, sometimes with my husband and occasionally with Kitty 🙂

However, with it being so lovely outside, there are lots of other fur babies enjoying their time out as well. So this year, I thought I would invest in a little pet stroller ! This will allow me to take Kitty out while avoiding any unwanted interactions with those big doggies:)

I got some input from some cat enthusiasts on the various cat groups on Facebook…. spent a few hours online trying to find a good deal and eventually I managed to find a great stroller for a steal of a deal of $30 at a yard sale!

Here are some good tips to keep in mind when shopping for a stroller.


Safety first! This stroller has two safety hooks that can be attached to your pet’s harness


Make sure there is good ventilation all around!


There is enough space inside for her to move around!



This stroller also had a small bonus basket under it! Great to carry any extra treats or water for your trip!

So keep in mind to invest in something that has a sturdy frame, with lots of great ventilation as well as enough space inside so that your furbaby is comfortable … They need to be able to sit up, move around and enjoy the stroll! Extra pockets or baskets for storage is a bonus but not a necessity! The main thing is your pet’s safety and comfort!

Here is Kitty on one of her strolls .. 🙂



All ready to go !

kiity stroll