Kitty Mojito’s Story!

Hello hoo-mans…

I was just going to have an evening nap but Mama asked me to write something!

She is so busy these days with her new job… she is always studying and doing number stuff at home…. I miss her not being home during the day 😦

Today, I wanted to tell you my story and how I found my Mama and Daddy.

The memories are blurred. I remember being in another city…. I remember being in a place where people were not very nice to me….  They were mean… One day, my tail was broken…. another day, my little whiskers were burnt…. I was so afraid …. so afraid…

Some nice ladies from Whisker Rescue found me….. I was very sad… I don’t remember much of my life back then…I was only 1. But I do remember living in a cage at a store for a long time….. It was ok I guess. At least no one hurt me. I was warm and I had food. But I was still sad….

One day, this man came into the store and was looking at all the kitties … He played with me through the cage… I was so excited that someone talked to me and played with me…. His voice was soft and kind… After a few minutes, he left …. I was sad again… I guess I was going to be alone forever …. What I didn’t know was, that in the next few days, my life was going to change!

The next day, the nice man came back, but this time, he had a lady with him. She was sweet and kind too and she talked to me through the cage… She talked to me for a long time…. Then she walked around the store and started picking up things… The nice man was helping her…. Suddenly, the lady at the store opened my cage!! What??? I was getting out? What’s happening here???

The next thing I knew, I was getting put into a crate and carried into a car…… The nice people were taking me home!!! That day was the happiest day of my life….. I was taken to a nice apartment ….. I spent the day exploring and that night, I slept with the nice people (whom I call Mama and Daddy)in a comfy, warm bed! It was heaven…..

This happened about 3 years ago…. Since then, my life has been amazing!!

So much fun, so much love, so much adventure!!! It can’t get any better than this!

Mama and Daddy are the best thing that has ever happened to me….. !! And that is my story…… Ok Bye……!

kitty (2)







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