Edmonton International Cat Festival!

I am soooo soooo excited for this event!!!

It’s the Edmonton International Cat Festival happening on May 28th 2016


The Edmonton International Cat Festival is the only festival of its kind in Canada!

This awesome event brings together cat lovers to celebrate cats and cat culture, while raising money and awareness for important cat rescue organizations!

#YEGCatFest donates 100% of proceeds back to local rescue organizations.

Since 2014,they have raised $39,000 for local rescues helping cats in need! Isn’s that amazing?

There will be tons and tons of fun things happenings here including several vendors with cat themed products, rescue organizations with adoptable cats, cat-themed presentations, exotic breeds and show cats as well as a meet and greet with celebrity cat Nala (https://www.instagram.com/nala_cat/) …. and not forgetting the Mr. and Mrs. Purr-fect photo contest and many more fun activities!!!

I look forward to checking it out and will definitely share some photos from the event!

To purchase tickets for this must-see event, please visit www.edmontoncatfest.com


Here are some highlights from last year’s catfest!

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Oh Where, Oh Where Have You Been?

Dear Friends,

I am sorry.

I seem to have already broken one of my resolutions for this year…

No.5 on my list was “I shall write a blog post at least 2 a week”

And here I am on my 3rd post for the MONTH! That is not acceptable! LOL

I will not start giving you excuses like ‘I started a new job!(I did!) or ‘I am just too tired after work to write a post’ (I am! But in all fairness if I watch less TV, I probably will have time to write more!)

Anyway, I will try to make up for this absence by posting more in February! I promise!




New Year! New Ideas!

Time sure does fly by!

It’s almost 10 days into the new year already!!!

I have been brainstorming and I have decided to focus on Pet Safety for the next few months…

Some of the posts you will see in the next several weeks will include Winter Survival, How to put together an emergency kit as well as taking care of feral cats in harsh weather as well as many other fun and informative posts:)

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the posts you see on here!!!






Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!!!

I love the idea of new beginnings! It is the perfect time to bring all those goals to the forefront and make plans on how to achieve them.

I am a huge fan of making resolutions.. Every year, towards the end of December, I would write down everything I would like to accomplish in the new year. Nothing is ever too small…everything from drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily to paying off debt goes on paper.

Some resolutions have been known to get repeated however the idea of having a concrete list in front of me helps me strive for those goals a bit harder.

Here’s wishing you all the most amazing 365 days ahead!!

Make sure you follow all the fun stuff that will be happening here…!