The Best Christmas Ever!

-Written by Kitty Mojito-

This Christmas has been one of the most memorable ones ever! I, Kitty Mojito made a ton of new friends over on Instagram and we had a blast taking part in a card exchange and two secret santa gift exchanges!

FYI the card exchange was my brainchild and it grew so fast that many IG accounts from all over the world decided to take part in it…..

First, let me share with you the two secret santa gifts…

The first one was sent to me by my friends Fred and Thunder (IG:@punkrawkgyrl). There were many toys for me and also a bag of treats for Mama. So lovely!

The second secret santa gift was sent to me by my new friend Chloe (IG: chloe.and.cleo.cats) … It was a great gift pack! It had toys, treats and also a great bag for Mama that had my photo and name on it!


And then we come to my other gifts…! Wow! I was so blessed … there were so many things under the tree for me… I think Santy Claws thought that I was a very good girl this year….. I also got an extra special gift from my Grandmeow in Sri Lanka… She made this lovely quilt with my name on it! I love it and I sleep on it everyday!

I also got over 50 cards from all my friends all over the world!! Aren’t they just lovely?



Mama says that I am the luckiest kitty out there to be so loved…. I think I agree with her.

Speaking of Mama, she did make me wear some strange clothes for Christmas. Do you want to see what I thought of it? I was ok with the green sweater but I really didn’t like the hooded sweater…. I kept it on long enough to take this photo!


And here I am finally getting to open my presents on Christmas morning!!


Mama tells me that there are a few more gifts coming in the mail. I will share about it when it gets here.

This concludes a very Merry Kitty Mojito Christmas 2016.

I wish you and your furbabies a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Purrfect New Year 2017!


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

As much as I love this time of year, it is also one of the busiest times!

And no matter how organized I try to be, there is always that last minute rush of trying to add on to gifts etc.

This year, I made my Christmas list months ahead, allotted a budget to each person and sent out all my holiday cards in November. I purchased most of the items on the list on Black Friday and they are all wrapped and ready to go as of today!

The  only person on the list that I am still sort of working on is Kitty!

Let me backtrack a bit and tell you about how things work in our household during the Christmas season.

Our gift list is usually pretty small. It mostly includes immediate family and a few friends. So this makes things a bit easier.

As for my husband and I, we usually don’t buy each other any large gifts. We decide on a budget as to what we each will spend on the other person and do small stocking stuffers, gift cards or use that money towards a new experience. I, for one, LOVE gift cards! It is the ideal gift you can get me! I prefer to shop in my own time so this works out perfect!

So in a nutshell, thanks to my slight OCD, I am Christmas ready by the beginning on December.  And of course, Kitty loves all the lights and bling that gets put out so she spends most of her time cuddled up under her little tree! Yes, you heard me… HER tree! We gave up trying to have a full sized tree 2 years ago as it didn’t survive her pawing and climbing! So now we decorate a tiny 3 foot tree especially for her:)


Here is Kitty enjoying some of the snow and then followed by a snuggle session under her favourite blanket to stay warm!


We sent out over 60 cards this year to Kitty’s Instagram friends! We have now started to receive many cards as well! The adorable bowtie you see her wearing is from a Canadian company called Fancy Paws 🙂


Holiday Fundraisers

It’s been about a month since I opened the Etsy store and I am so glad to see it doing well.

The cat community of Instagram have really embraced all the products I have on there! The bandannas have been a big hit and the book and art work have been doing well too!! So amidst all this, I decided to continue my tradition of doing a holiday fundraiser!

If you remember, last year I did gift packs for several local rescues. This year my fundraising focused on two special kitties… One named Ollie and the other named Buddy.

I came to know about these two kitties through Instagram. Let me share about them!

Ollie is a little kitty who needed help to pay for a liver operation to fix a congenital defect. He has a GoFundme page set up so I decided to do a small fundraiser to contribute to that. I ended up raising about $25 towards this.

Buddy is a sweetheart who got hit by a car and ended up with a broken jaw and other severe injuries. His mama wanted to desperately save his life! This required lots of surgery and continuous vet visits! Of course, this means they need as much help with funding as possible so last weekend I held a 2 day fundraiser for Buddy. All sales made through the Etsy store was going to be donated to Buddy and I must say it was a great success! I ended up making about $120!

It made me and Kitty so happy to be able to do something good to help these two lovable cats and hopefully they both make a full recovery!




The Holiday Season Is Here!

My most favourite time of the year!

There is something so magical about the Christmas season….. the lights, the decorations, the songs, the snow…….just an all round feeling of joy!

So this year, to celebrate the season as well as the opening of my Etsy shop, I added several cute pet bandannas to my repertoire. Kitty loves trying on new bandannas so I wanted to give the opportunity to other cat parents to purchase these fun items for their own kitties.

I have had great feedback about them so I hope to add more fun prints in the coming months!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts 🙂


Back In Business!!


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and holiday season!

I am back from a two week visit to see my family…It was great to spend time with them and I enjoyed not being connected to social media for awhile!

So…. now I am working on some new ideas so that I can take the blog to the next level in the New Year!!




Off On Holiday!

Hello lovely readers!

You  may not see any new blog posts in the next few weeks and here’s why! I will be away for the next few weeks with limited internet access…Hopefully, I will  be back just after Christmas!:)

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season…

Take time to make wonderful memories with family, friends and furbabies.. have fun, be merry and have a glorious time!

Here is Kitty enjoying her very own mini tree:)

xmas kitty