Holiday Fundraisers

It’s been about a month since I opened the Etsy store and I am so glad to see it doing well.

The cat community of Instagram have really embraced all the products I have on there! The bandannas have been a big hit and the book and art work have been doing well too!! So amidst all this, I decided to continue my tradition of doing a holiday fundraiser!

If you remember, last year I did gift packs for several local rescues. This year my fundraising focused on two special kitties… One named Ollie and the other named Buddy.

I came to know about these two kitties through Instagram. Let me share about them!

Ollie is a little kitty who needed help to pay for a liver operation to fix a congenital defect. He has a GoFundme page set up so I decided to do a small fundraiser to contribute to that. I ended up raising about $25 towards this.

Buddy is a sweetheart who got hit by a car and ended up with a broken jaw and other severe injuries. His mama wanted to desperately save his life! This required lots of surgery and continuous vet visits! Of course, this means they need as much help with funding as possible so last weekend I held a 2 day fundraiser for Buddy. All sales made through the Etsy store was going to be donated to Buddy and I must say it was a great success! I ended up making about $120!

It made me and Kitty so happy to be able to do something good to help these two lovable cats and hopefully they both make a full recovery!




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