Kitty On A Leash

Some people say that it is next to impossible to get a cat on a leash.

However I have come across many stories and seen many pictures of leashed cats going for walks. So I decided to put this theory to the test with Kitty. I must start by saying that it probably helps if you do this when your cat is fairly young so that they get used to it.

I bought a harness for Kitty as soon as we adopted her(She was just over a year old). I chose a harness as opposed to a collar and leash because it is safer and more secure. The likelihood of her accidentally strangling herself was much less with a harness. And I must say, never have I been more grateful for this choice as when she decided to walk through the balcony railings.

This happened when we moved to our new home and Kitty was exploring her surroundings. She is always supervised when she is out on the balcony however this one time she decided to zip past my husband and off the balcony rails. Luckily my husband was holding on to the leash but for a minute my little baby was hanging off the balcony just terrified. And because she had a harness, not a collar, her weight was equally spread out so she was not being choked!!

We got her back up within seconds and she was clearly shaken but since then she has never tried that again! Lesson learnt I guess….

A few tips for anyone thinking of introducing a collar or harness to a cat.

  1. Use a harness NOT a collar when putting on a leash. It could save your cat’s life.
  2. Never leave them unsupervised when they are on a harness and leash. They could easily get tangled up in something (furniture etc) or worse.
  3. Make sure the harness is not on too tight. Practice the two finger rule. If you can’t slip through two fingers under any part of the harness or collar it is too tight.
  4. Measure your cat before you buy a harness. Or better yet, take them with you to the store and try it on.
  5. Cats are unpredictable, especially if you are walking them on a leash. So have a good hold of the leash so that they don’t dash.
  6. Be extra vigilant when you are out with your cat. Take a cat carrier with you just in case you run into trouble (dogs, other animals) so that you can get your cat to safety.

There you go! If you have any other tips you would like to share, please leave a comment 🙂

Enjoy these photos of Kitty on her leash 🙂

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