Katdid Konversation With Ellie & Pippa

Welcome to another edition of “Katdid Konversations’

I am your host, Kitty Mojito.

Today we are talking to two really great gals from Bristol, Tennessee. Please say hello to Ellie, who is 1 year old and Pippa, who is 7 months. They are also known as the Gray Girls.

  ellie and pippa

KM: Thanks so much for joining me today! So let’s start from the beginning, how did you guys come to find your human?

Ellie: My human adopted me from an animal shelter on June 18, 2016.

Pippa: She adopted me also from an animal shelter on March 16, 2017

KM: Describe a day in your life.

Ellie: A day of mine consists of bird watching, eating, napping, playing with Pippa and napping more.

Pippa: I like to wake mom up early and have a cuddle session, then eat some, nap, play with sister Ellie and nap, nap, nap til the humans come home.



KM: Your human has returned home from a very long day of running errands. How do you greet her? 

Ellie: When I hear the key rattle in the door, I run to meet her at the door, usually laying sprawled out on the rug where she has to walk. Then I will give welcome home rubs on her legs.

Pippa: I’m usually napping in the window seat when she gets home and she wakes me up being all noisy. I meow my squeaky quack meow and want to be picked up and want to be majorly loved on for about 5 minutes before I am finished and want food.

KM: What kind of food do you both like?

Ellie: I have expensive taste. I will only eat the “real” wet stuff like tuna or salmon, usually made by Wellness or Applaws. I can’t help it I’m spoiled, my mother made me that way, hehee. But the rest of the time Pippa and I both eat dry food by Blue Wilderness.

Pippa: I LOVE tuna! When I first came home, I didn’t want to eat so I lost a bunch of weight. My grandmeowther got me some super smelly cheap food and I ate it up. But now, I like the good stuff that Ellie eats but I like Friskies too.

KM: Do you have a favourite toy?

Ellie: I really enjoy playing with my catnip banana but the laser pointer is “my precious”.

Pippa: I really like the laser pointer too, but I will play with anything! Especially yarn!



KM: You girls are very beautiful. How would you describe your sense of style? 

Ellie: My mom calls me a meowdel, I am a girly cat and I wear clothes sometimes. When Pippa messes up my hair when we play, I get mad at her.

Pippa: My mom says I’m a tomboy. I don’t like wear clothes, I hates it. I am very messy, especially when I eat. I throw food all around. She also says I need to take lessons on how to be a girl from Ellie, ugh.

KM: What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

Ellie: I have only been up close to one dog, I didn’t like it but I sat real still. Pippa is the only other cat I’ve been around since I left the shelter.

Pippa: I HATE dogs. The one that Ellie saw, I saw too. It came way too close to me so I swiped its nose and cut it. Ellie is the only cat I’ve been around since the shelter also, but I like her. She licks me on the head but she will deny it.

KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be? 

E & P: For mom to be able to stay home all day and never have to go to work.



KM: Ellie & Pippa, do you have any special skills? 

Ellie: I can jump super high, it always impresses mom how high and far I can leap.

Pippa: I have a very good purring motor. Does that count?

KM: Wow, those are some amazing skills! So, tell me guys, what do you value most in life?

Ellie: I like my heated bed, it’s very special to me. My mom got it for me after I “got fixed”.

Pippa: I think my home is important to me now, cause I didn’t have one before. And my family.

KM: How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

E & P: We are not a real political family. My mom votes for whoever she thinks is best so we kind of agree with her. So we would totally vote for a politician cat!! Male or female, we should make our meows heard.

KM: Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/don’t like about social media?

E & P: We have made several good friends on Instagram! I like that part of it and also seeing pictures and videos of other pretty kitties. I don’t like it when there are mean or rude comments posted as a response to a picture or video. We haven’t had that happen to us, but have seen it happen to others. If you don’t like something mom says keep your opinion to yourself.



KM: Do either of you have a special someone in your life?

Neither of us have anyone special but we are both taking applications for suitable gentlemen cats!

KM: I’m sure you will have to fight off the attention of many handsome gentleman cats soon!! What is your dream date?

Ellie: My dream date would be going to a seafood restaurant and ordering a plate of tuna with extra juice, then taking a nap, then go partying for most of the night before crashing to sleep again.

Pippa: My dream date? I’m not in a dating mood right now and would rather just stay home and sleep on mom’s lap while she watches TV or crochets.

KM: What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

Ellie: I would like to be a professional meowdel, I do a really great runway walk!

Pippa: I wish to not be so scared every time I hear a noise I don’t know. Other than that, I think I’m pretty content with the right now.

KM: Do you have anything else you would like to say?

E & P: Thank you for reading about us! “The Gray Girls”

KM: Thank you so much for chatting with me, ladies! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you both!

If you would like to follow the fun adventures of Ellie and Pippa, please follow them on Instagram @missellie_cat


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