Katdid Konversation With Orson

Today we are chatting with the sauve and stylish Orson! This handsome hunk hails from Berkeley, California and currently lives in Oakland!

This is Katdid Konversations and I am your host, Kitty Mojito



KM: Orson, it is so great to have you here today! Let’s talk about how things started for you. How did you come to find your human? 

O: I was brought to the shelter in Berkeley as a stray. As if! I was not a stray, I just hadn’t picked out a human yet and was walking to get a slice of pizza and more tobacco for my pipe when I was rudely interrupted. Anyway, my human’s friend volunteers at the Berkeley shelter. She posted pictures of me on Facebook and my human was smitten with my stunningly handsome looks. The human and I officially met after I was transferred to the East Bay SPCA. She came to visit me but didn’t take me home, as she had an older kitty at home who wasn’t keen on a roommate. I was adopted by people who I can describe only as utter nut jobs since they returned me to the shelter because I have allergies, and therefore, some skin issues. Anyhow, the human’s kitty had passed away in the meantime. She caught wind of my return and snatched me up as her foster kitty. We all knew that was a ruse though. She had no intentions of merely fostering me. I came home with her on July 28, 2016 and here I shall stay.

KM: Wow! What a wonderful story that was! It sounds to me like you and your human were just meant to be! Can you describe a day in your life?

O: I start my day by waking the human with a variety of techniques including, but not limited to: face taps, toe nibbling, butt slaps and elbow licking. After the human arises from the bed like a swamp monster having a bad hair day, I dine on my breakfast. After breakfast, I often nap on the couch. If it’s a workday, I’ll leave the human alone until I’m hungry for my lunch, at which point I will start jumping on her back while she sits in her office chair. This is particularly rewarding when she’s on a video conference call. After my lunch, I’ll play with my toys, watch some birds from the window and nap about 28 times until dinner. After dinner, I prefer to lounge and watch TV on the human’s lap with one of my favorite blankies.


KM: So if your human returns home from a very long day of running errands, how do you greet her?

O: I greet her when she opens the door and then I demand food while making threats about calling the authorities because my lunch is late.

KM: You have an awesome sense of humour! LOL What kind of food do you like?

O: All kinds, although I’m on an allergy diet. I eat a rabbit and pea based kibble. I steal whatever I can get, however. I scored some mac and cheese the other day. I even like dog food!

KM: What is your favourite toy, Orson?

O: Probably my Kong feathered catnip balls.

KM: So you are seen wearing some very cool outfits! How would you describe your sense of style?

O: Smooth. I’m a clothes horse, as they say. I have about 8 bow ties, several shirts and even an argyle sweater.

KM: You sure do have a great style sense, Orson! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

O: I like them. I was in the “cat sanctuary” at the shelter, which means I hung with other kitties in a dorm room. I especially like other critters when they come with food that I can steal.


KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

O: For my allergies and skin issues to go away.

KM: I think I know the answer to this question because you are so cool but I will ask anyway! 🙂 Do you have any special skills?

O: Yes, I’m a champion car-rider, an accomplished wine taster, I come when called and take my medicine like a pro.

KM: That’s aweseome! What things are most important to you now? 

O: My humom. She makes me feel secure. I’m pretty cool in different situations because I know she’s there and will protect me. Also, my blanket collection, toys, favorite box and cat scratchers.

KM: How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

O: I’m positive felines could only raise the bar in this political climate. We definitely need fair representation. Tunatinis for all cat-kind!


KM: Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like / don’t like about social media?

O: I’ve adored my Instagram experience! I’ve made so many friends all over the world. It’s amazing. I love the support and kindness I experience and witness in the COI community. The only negative about IG would have to be the algorithm. Mark Zuckerberg thinks he knows what I want to see and I miss some of my friends’ updates as a result. I wish IG’s feed was chronological.

KM: Do you have a special someone in your life?

O: Well, my girlfriend is Rosie of @rosiemal. She lives in Brooklyn and is boooootiful. We go to a lot of Instagram pawties together.

KM: Rosie is a sweetheart! You two make a lovely couple! What is your dream date?

O: Tunatinis, a bird feeder to watch, a pizza to eat and my Rosie.

KM: What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

O: I’d like to have a boo boo free spell that lasts longer than two months.

KM: I wish that for you too buddy!! Do you have anything else you would like to say?

O: Thank you for the interview! I love all my Instagram buddies! And, my favorite word is SNACKS!

Orson, it was such a treat getting to know you! I wish you all the best in your future! Let’s catch up again at an IG pawty!

If you would like to see what Orson is up to on Instagram, please follow him @orson.the.cat


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