Happy, Happy, Kitty Day!

Today I spent some time reading about stories about the yays and nays of having a cat….Some were very touching and some were hilarious… ! As I read, I began to think how life has changed since Kitty came into our home.

People say life will never be the same when you have a child….

And while it may not be the same, I say life will never be the same when you have a pet! Once you get a pet, you are making a promise to provide a safe and quality life for that living creature!!  Yes it is a living, breathing, FEELING creature!

You would not believe how angry it makes me when I see or hear about people treating pets like they are some disposable object, like it is a fashion trend, to try it and then move on if it doesn’t work…. STOP!!!!!

If you do not have the TIME, MONEY or PATIENCE to take care of any pet, be it a cat, dog, fish, gerbil etc etc DO NOT GET ONE!! And if it is being mistreated, your pet’s life is more valuable to me that yours! There, I said it!

Ok! Deep Breath!!!

Back to the story…….

Let me walk you through a typical day with Kitty…

My husband and I usually wake up between 4.30am -5am to get ready for work. Kitty is so used to us being up at this time that if the alarm doesn’t go off for some reason, she jumps on the bed and meows until we wake up….. The down side to this is that she does this on weekends too ! lol

Once we are up, she follows one of us into the bathroom (usually me!).. While I brush my teeth, she drinks water out of the faucet and hangs out there while I get ready. Once I leave the bedroom, she dashes into the kitchen and waits for her wet food. It’s now 5.15am and as I get my lunch packed up, she rubs up against my leg and purrs up a storm until I pick her up and give her hugs. Hubby has already left by now.

Wet food out…. she is excited to try out a new flavor! She gets to try a new can every few days… Yes, she is spoilt! She will only start eating it when I start eating breakfast … Once we are both done and before I hear out the door, she stands in front the cupboard with a paw on the handle. Time for a treat before Mommy leaves for the day….Two treats are thrown in two directions and she chases them down ….. !

Fast Forward several hours …. I head back home after work and as soon as I walk up to the door, I hear her running. She greets me with loud meows and waits for hugs. She follows me while I freshen up and get things ready for dinner. She sits on the counter while I do the prep work and then the cooking. Once dinner is ready, she sits by the window waiting for Daddy to come home. Suddenly,her ears perk up, she bounces off the window ledge and dashes to the front door. She had seen Daddy outside! We all eat dinner at the same time. She is usually done first.. Then she sits next to us, hoping we will share some roast chicken or fish with her. We usually do…

She is now a bit hyper….She runs around, jumps on the cupboards, on the couch… off the couch, back and forth…. She is happy we are here:)

Night time… we settle in to watch some TV before bed. She hangs out with us, sitting up on her cat tree. Occasionally, she will jump down and sit on our laps and cuddle…  Her night time ritual is being brushed for about 5 mins. She loves it!!

It’s time for bed…. When the lights are all turned off, she follows us into the bedroom and does a small song and dance.. LOL… It consists of some loud meowing, loud rustling behind the blinds and then walking all over the bed in an attempt to see if we would wake up and pay attention to her. If there is no movement, she either goes back to her cat tree or sleeps between the two of us… And we repeat tomorrow!

That is a typical day with my sweet Kitty:)











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