Boo! Did I Scare You?

The last few weeks have been a bit eventful …….But amidst the hustle and bustle, I managed to get a costume for Kitty as well as attend a really cool event called Project Purr, an initiative by Berkeley’s Place.

So let’s start with the costume…..

This is Kitty’s first halloween costume and how fitting is it that she chose to be….Supergirl! She is definitely the supergirl in our home!


Doesn’t she look fabulous? I love her stance! She looks like she can take on the world! LOL Kitty was amazingly patient and didn’t put up a fuss when I tried the costume on her. I think she has now come to the realization that she will have to put up with my obsession of trying to make her the most famous cat in Canada! And this includes wearing outfits and posing for photos on a daily basis!

On to Project Purr…. This is an annual event which gathers people to build shelters for feral cats so that the kitties can stay safe and warm over the winter. It is so crucial that these cats have well insulated homes to find refuge in as winters here can get really brutal. If you would like to know more this project and other great events, please visit

Here are the shelters that were built at this event!


There was also a mini marketplace… Some really cute items were available for sale

I purchased some bandannas and catnip toys for Kitty. She absolutely loved them! Here she is having some fun with her new found goodies and rocking her new Halloween bandanna!

You can also find more great photos of Kitty and her new toys over at her Instagram @kittymojito. She now has over 1500 followers from all over the world!

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