Crazy Water Bucket Day!

You will never guess what happened to me?

OMG! It is just horrifying! Just awful!  …… Ok so I might be overreacting but it was definitely not something I want to experience again soon! It has happened to me before but I forget…

It all started when Daddy filled the big giant bucket in the water room….. Usually I like the water room…. I follow Mama in there all the time, I sit on the big water bucket and play with bubbles…. I drink out of the water pipe….. It was all good….


But yesterday, “I” was the target! I don’t know why!

Was it because I dug up my kitty grass and climbed into that pot…. Or maybe it’s because I rolled in that pile of dirt when Mama was sweeping the kitchen. But I am not dirty!!!

Daddy carried me and put me in the water! My paws were all wet ….. I started to freak out! I mean, who wouldn’t! I don’t know how they spend so much time in the water…… it is so wet and slimy……eek!

I tried to stay still …….. But I just wanted to get out!

Daddy told me to stay calm and I will be nice and clean soon…… Then, he started to pour water on me! He made sure to keep my ears dry though…. He wiped my head with care… We, cats, have very sensitive ears so you must be careful not to let water get in them…. Daddy is a smart hooman…. He knows these things…







I know I look very brave here but I was scared on the inside!

Then Daddy put some strange foamy thing on me….. He kept rubbing it all over me…. He said it will help me with the itching….. It did feel nice but ‘get me out of this water’!!!


Mama was sitting by me the whole time…. I kept looking at her, hoping she will let me out of this hellhole but she kept saying ‘It’s ok baby, you will feel better soon’.

I trust Mama… I stayed…



I like this picture… Look at my moves! Looks like I am trying to hold the water…..




It felt like forever ……I tried to get out many times…. But I couldn’t! Water, Foam, Water, Foam! Rubbing, Scrubbing……. It went on forever!



Finally, Daddy took me out! I was soaked to the bone, I was angry and annoyed! But Daddy wrapped me in this big, soft cloth and dried off all the water…. I felt less angry…



Mama gave me kisses and told me what a good girl I was! Her hugs made me feel better…



After all that excitement, I had to spend hours drying off!


I must admit, it felt really nice…. I felt fresh and clean….. Mama said I smelt so good…. The bonus was I got extra treats for being a good girl:) There is always a silver lining!



It Is I, Kitty Mojito!


Welcome hoomans

It is I, Miss Kitty Mojito……. Mama is a bit busy so she told me to write something here….

I just woke up from a nap ……….

I was sooo tired from waking up this morning when Daddy was up getting ready for work…….He said it was 4am when he looked at that box that makes a shrilly sound each morning.

I always wake up with him hoping he would give me a treat…. It never happens …. Daddy knows that Mama gives me treats when she is up…… I try to be sneaky and get some from him too ….. But he is smart, that Daddy!

I went back to sleep after he left and woke up again with Mama…. Then she went out, so I went back to sleep… As you can see, I am tuckered out…. When Mama came back, she gave me 2 treats….

I love my Mama, she is very good to me……… I get so many hugs and kisses all day….. Sometimes too many…. Sometimes I just want to be left alone to sleep… but she comes and hugs me….She takes care of me …. My poo box is always clean….. There is always something in that dish where food shows up… I even have a fancy water dish…. Water flows around it … I like it… Mama says I am her precious baby.

I love Daddy too… He works very hard to take care of me and Mama… he wants to make something called ‘mooney’…. Must be some delicious treat because he seems to like it very much…. I hear them talking about it….

Daddy is tired when he gets home at night… but he still plays with me….. I love play fighting with him….. He doesn’t mind when I bit him a bit too hard… only sometimes….. When he annoys me a bit too much….

Ok, enough talking for now.. I have to nap ….. Maybe I will say more later…. Mama says that I have some friends coming over for dinner tonight…. I need to get some rest before that!






Tales Of Three Kitties

So a few weeks ago, my friend wanted me to catsit her two babies as she went away on a short holiday…. Luckily she lives in my building so it made it easier for me to check in on them….. We decided to take Kitty up to hang out with them a couple of times and I wanted to share some of those pictures:)

Now Kitty has met Jackson (the orange tabby) and his sister Feona before. We have had a couple of play dates. But Kitty, being the bossy diva she is, still hissed at them and decided to ignore them in their own home LOL.

Jackson is slightly infatuated with Kitty… He follows her everywhere and tries to be friends… Feona is bit on the shy side 🙂 They are both such cuties!

Kitty is slowly opening up to them 🙂 I’m sure pretty soon they will all be best buddies!


Saying hello



Pretty Girl Feona


Jackson is such a lovebug!


And is a little obsessed with footwear!


Kitty has taken over their cat tree!



“Play with me Kitty” says Jackson


“I’m coming for you!”


” I will watch over you all from up here”



Handsome boy:)


Time For A Stroll!

It’s getting to be that time of year when we all want to spend as much time outside as we can….

Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year…. the flowers in bloom, the trees all green, street fairs, farmer’s markets, festivals galore, spending time out on the patio with a cool drink in hand……. ah! life can be perfect! 🙂

This is also the time that I try to go for walks (and an occasional run!) often…. Usually it is just me, sometimes with my husband and occasionally with Kitty 🙂

However, with it being so lovely outside, there are lots of other fur babies enjoying their time out as well. So this year, I thought I would invest in a little pet stroller ! This will allow me to take Kitty out while avoiding any unwanted interactions with those big doggies:)

I got some input from some cat enthusiasts on the various cat groups on Facebook…. spent a few hours online trying to find a good deal and eventually I managed to find a great stroller for a steal of a deal of $30 at a yard sale!

Here are some good tips to keep in mind when shopping for a stroller.


Safety first! This stroller has two safety hooks that can be attached to your pet’s harness


Make sure there is good ventilation all around!


There is enough space inside for her to move around!



This stroller also had a small bonus basket under it! Great to carry any extra treats or water for your trip!

So keep in mind to invest in something that has a sturdy frame, with lots of great ventilation as well as enough space inside so that your furbaby is comfortable … They need to be able to sit up, move around and enjoy the stroll! Extra pockets or baskets for storage is a bonus but not a necessity! The main thing is your pet’s safety and comfort!

Here is Kitty on one of her strolls .. 🙂



All ready to go !

kiity stroll



Kitty Turns 4!!

Today is a very special day!

Kitty is celebrating her 4th birthday!



I put together a mock ‘cake’ with one of her favourite canned food and topped it with some shrimp and also added some treats around it….And enjoy it she did!!!

And instead of a gift this year (and since she has everything she needs and wants lol!) we decided to buy some canned food and donate it to an animal rescue….

Here are some great pictures from today’s happenings!!!






Party favours for her friends Jackson and Feona


Some donations that were dropped off to some shelter kitties


She decided to wear some of the neon glow bracelets!!! PARTY! PARTY!! WOOT! WOOT!!