Water, Water, Water, Oh My!

What an eventful couple of weeks this has been!!

It all started a week ago when a dishwasher pipe burst up on one of the upper floors in our building resulting in water coming into our unit! Kitty and I spent most of that day mopping up water from various parts of the condo while the condo board, restoration crews and insurance people tried to get things under control….

All this resulted in us having to leave the condo for about a week until the restoration team ripped out all the affected walls and ceilings. We were lucky enough to have good home insurance so they put us up in a nice hotel for the time being.

What an adventure this was for Miss. Kitty! As you may or may not know, Kitty is not a huge fan of car rides and despises being put in her carrier. She tolerates it but tries her best to get out of it if she can. The day we had to leave home, she was already pretty stressed, with work crew mulling about and the place looking like a disaster. When it came time to leave, she put up a great fight as we got her into her carrier. About ten minutes into our ride to the hotel, the unmistakable stink of poo filled the car…. Poor Kitty, who was so stressed, has soiled herself in her carrier. She has never done this before…

Of course, we didn’t want her to be uncomfortable the whole way to the hotel so we doubled back home, cleaned out her carrier and gave her a quick wipe down to clean it all up. It turned out that, not only did she do #2, she had also thrown up! Poor baby!

So we tried this again! The second time around she was a bit more settled and I held her on my lap the whole way through. When she got to the hotel, she was a bit confused but soon started exploring!

She doesn’t want me to tell you about her hotel adventures just yet so watch for the next blog post to find out more!




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