Katdid Konversation With Oliver

Today we are chatting with a handsome and dashing kitty from Bronx, New York. Please say hello to 3 year old Oliver!


KM: Thanks so much for joining me today, Oliver! It is so exciting to chat with you today. Shall we start by talking about how you found your human?

O: My human sister came across my siblings and I in a lot. I was cradling my sibling that had passed when she was finally able to get in and pick me up.

KM: Wow, what a way to be found! Describe a day in your life.

O: My day starts with breakfast, followed by some baby talk and cuddling. In the afternoon, I get in a good play time for about 15 minutes, then it’s lunch time followed by a nap. At 5pm-ish, I’m looking for my kibbles and a dog to chase. Then repeat for the rest of the night..(true story)!!

KM: Sounds like a pretty exciting day! What is your most favourite kind of food?

O: Chicken!!!!


KM: Haha! I love chicken too!! And tuna and salmon and shrimp……..! If you had to choose one toy to play with, what would that be?

O: It would have to be one of my toys on a stick. I love the play time with Meowmy and the stick toy.

KM: Oliver, you are known to wear some super stylish outfits. Do you have a specific sense of style?

O: Yes! I love dressing up with bows and ties.

KM: Fantastic! You sure look very dapper in them! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

O: I grew up with dogs. They are fun to have chase you and then jump where they can’t and just taunt them 😹Other animals, I’m not too thrilled, unless its a fish.

KM: I had some fish once. I would watch them for hours and tried to reach into the tank on more than one occasion! LOL! If you could make one wish, what would it be?

O: For every homeless cat to have a warm place to call their own with a human to love them as much as I am loved.


KM: That is so beautiful! I wish the same! What do you do to relax and chill out, Oliver?

O: I enjoy bird watching!

KM: Ooh that sounds like fun! Do you have any special skills?

O: I am trained to sit, stand on my hind legs and give meowmy my head when she asks for a kiss.

KM: Wow! So talented! What do you value most in life?

O: Besides that bank card I use to buy my treats, I’d say love. Love is misused, and when it’s real, it has to be valued. So I value the love I get every day.


KM: That is so true! What is your opinion about social media?

O: It’s fun. I’ve made some really awesome furry friends.

KM: Do you have a special someone in your life? If so, please tell us a bit about them.

O: Don’t tell anyone, but my mom is my special someone. I have a girlfriend on IG but I flirt way too much to mention names 😹😹

KM: SHHHH! Your secret is safe with me! If you were to go on a date, what would a perfect day/night look like?

O: I’d take meow lady to an all you can eat tuna bar with an open meowgarita bar. Then we will head out under the clear sky so we can bird watch as we sit on the grass, full from all the tuna.


KM: That is certainly tempting! I can already hear the ladies lining up to meet you!!! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

O: I would love to bring awareness to rescued cats. There is a bad misconception of what a “rescued” cat is capable of..as far as loving, compassion etc. Oh and I’d like to take over the world..lol

KM: Rescue cats are the greatest! Do you have anything else you would like to say?

O: Yes, thank you for the interview. Do I get treats now?

KM: You are most welcome! It was my pleasure! (hands over a giant bag of chicken treats!!)

If you would like to follow Oliver in his adventures, check out his Instagram @0liverandc0mpany


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