Pawlicious Food!

We are on the constant lookout for fresh, healthy food… Then why do we not think twice about giving our pets the best? Do they not deserve fresh food without chemicals and fillers?

I am constantly researching the safest and healthiest cat foods to feed Kitty and have tried many different varieties so far.

I started with Blue Buffalo, Organix, Merrick, Wellness… anything that was advertised as the next best thing.

Eventually I stumbled upon Orijen. It was locally made, with real ingredients and no fillers. Kitty loved it as her dry food.

For wet food, I found nothing better than the Weruva BFF and TruLuxe line. Not only was in grain free, it was also free of carrageenan which is a thickener added to most human and pet foods.Some studies show that this could be a possible carcinogen.

The best thing about this line is that when you open the can, you can actually recognize the food that is in it. There are chunks of meat, salmon, duck and lamb, shredded chicken and flakes of tuna and some vegetables as well. Kitty only eats the gravy kind and not the pate.

I think it’s so important to take time to read the list of ingredients on each item of food you buy for yourself as well as your furbabies. After all, we are what we eat

What do you feed your precious furbabies? Leave a comment and let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Pawlicious Food!

  1. We also use this food. It’s great and they love it! The Champion Food Company has been so generous and wonderful to us. They donate all the dry food for the kids here at Matty’s Place. It makes such a difference in the sick cats that come here. Within 2 weeks you can see how they are changing for the better. They love the Orijen food!


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