Fundraiser for the Hervey Foundation for Cats

I am so happy to put together this fundraiser for the Hervey Foundation for Cats!

The Hervey Foundation for Cats is a place of refuge for cats who otherwise would perish: the abandoned, the abused, the sick, the old, the suffering.

All funds raised from the sale of my fabulous pendants ($4 each)as well as these amazing coupon booklets for Pet Planet ($5) will be donated to the foundation.

How can you help?

You can purchase any of the following items via e-transfer by emailing

You can arrange for pick up if you are in the Edmonton area or I can mail it out to any where you are (no cost to you!)

cat pendants

I have several of the smaller pendants and a few of the filigree design.

coupon PP

Each coupon  booklet is $5 each. It is filled with some amazing coupons including 25% off any non food item and also a free bag of pet food plus many other great deals from Pet Planet !! All coupons are valid until January 31st 2016 so use them to maximize your holiday savings!!


If you would like to support this wonderful organization by helping raise some funds for them, please email me or visit the Hervey Foundation Facebook Page.


One thought on “Fundraiser for the Hervey Foundation for Cats

  1. At this time of year, and with the affects the economy has had on many of our usual supporters, we are particularly grateful for any and all support we can receive! Thank you to all for your consideration!
    Marjorie Hervey
    The Hervey Foundation for Cats


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