Head Full Of Thoughts!

Life has kept me busy since the start of this year but I see it slowing down pretty soon (not to my liking I must admit!) Why you ask? Well, I will be job hunting AGAIN in a few weeks! Yes, it sucks to be unemployed however I am sure something great will be coming my way soon (fingers crossed!)

Sometimes I think it would be great to find something that I can do from home that would pay me a truckload of money! But I guess no one will pay me to be a full time pet parent LOL!

A.N.Y.W.A.Y…. As I spend my time sending out resumes, I was thinking of coming up with some ideas to do another mini fundraiser….

I would like to get some thoughts and ideas from my readers (I hope you are out there!!!)

What would you like to see as a fundraiser? 50-50 draw? Selling some cool pet items? An auction? Let me know what you think!





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