Katdid Konversation With Stella

Welcome  to another great edition of Katdid Konversations dear friends!

I am your host Kitty Mojito!

Today I am in the company of the beautiful and talented Stella, an almost 4 year old from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada!


Stella in a “Crazy Cat Lady Corner’ bandana

KM: Stella, I am thrilled that you are joining me today! Shall we start by talking about how you came to find your human?

S: Humom was looking into breeds with dog-like characteristics as Hudad has only had doggos in his life. Hudad always enjoyed watching videos of Maru. So when the time was right, they got me!

KM: Can you describe a day in your life?

S: I jump on the bed bright and early to wake up Hudad! I will lounge on him until he gets up. I eat my breakfast and watch the morning bird activity at the feeders. When Meowmy wakes up, I greet her and immediately expect to be let outside on my catio. Usually I have to wait for her to make her coffee and wake up a bit. Depending on her schedule, we sit outside on the catio for some time together. If she has to work, we play inside with my favorite feather wand toy before she gets ready.

During the day, I nap in my igloo until the humans come home. I eat my  dinner promptly at 6.30pm! When Meowmy is cooking, I can be found watching her in the kitchen, begging for food. At night, I chill out with my pawrents while they watch TV, Netflix or play video games. When it’s time for bed, I am always called up to join them but I decline. But several minutes later, I sing them the song of my people, trying to get one of them (usually Meowmy) to pay some attention to me one last time.


KM: Your day sounds a lot like mine! I love to sing the song of our people too! It’s a great song!! LOL! So when your pawrents return home from a very long day of running errands, how do you greet them?

S: Whereever I have been napping, I always hear my pawrents’ cars. When they open the door, they can find me sitting directly in front of it waiting for them! I will hang around them and give them head butts and purrs.

KM: That’s a very sweet welcome! Stella, what kind of food do you like?

S: I love my BFF brand wet food by Weruva! There are so many different flavor combinations. My personal 2 favs are tuna & pumpkin and tuna & shrimp. For dry food, pawrents feed me Hills Science Diet Oral Care.

For human food, I LOVE shrimp and tuna fish from the can! I also like vanilla yogurt and cream cheese. On the very rare time Hudad gets KFC, I go crazy and beg for some of it!

KM: Oh wow, I love BFF too! And KFC! Have you tried the ‘Cats in the kitchen’ line from Weruva? It’s great! ‘Lamb Burgini’ is one of my favs! You must try it! What is your favourite toy?

S: I love my Karin SF kicker and feather wand toy. But there is one toy that forever has my heart. When my pawrents picked me up, I had this little blue ball with me. I always play with it! I also carry it around the house with me and leave it by the door when the pawrents go to work.


KM: Aww, how adorable! Now I know you have a pretty fabulous wardrobe. How would you describe your sense of style?

S: I am always oh so stylish in my Crazy Cat Lady Corner bandanas, Neemie Bows, Cat in Berlin and Furry and Fancy bowties and bandanas. I love floral prints and sparkles! To Meowmy’s dismay, I am not a fan of hats or wearing clothes.

KM: I think my mama will be very happy to hear that you love Crazy Cat Lady Corner bandanas! You sure wear them very well! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

S: I am an only child kind of cat! I am curious about other cats and dogs in our neighborhood but I get quite nervous when they get close.


KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

S: For there to be more pet friendly women shelters. Not wanting to leave behind pets and not being able to take them along can be a major reason for not leaving an unsafe and abusive situation.

KM: For sure! That is something that every city needs. Do you have any special skills?

S: Hunting/catching/eating flies.

KM: Very impressive. The only time I see flies is if I’m sitting out on the patio at night! What things are most important to you?

S: I love quality time with my pawrents. Meowmy’s new job doesn’t give her a lot of hours at the moment so having more quality time and company at home during the week days is wonderful. Yes, I would normally just spend my time napping while they work but having a human around more often to play, pet me, let me out on the catio and chill out with me is the best!


KM: How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

S: Well,  Meowmy being an American talks about the going ons in the US with their orange President. I honestly could think of a few other naturally orange cats who could do a better job…ummm.. @punybear, Malcom of @the_furry_collective, Thomas of @3gingerfurbabies, @winksmeow or even Toothless Tigger of @holyhoneybucket! Maybe the world would be a little bit kinder and appreciate and enjoy the simpler things in life like sunbeams on the carpet, ribbons and twist ties.

KM: Oh those are some excellent candidates to replace the …um… orange person you talk about….. I think they will do a much better job in making the world a bit more kinder! Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?

S: I love seeing how bonds have formed between cats furriends and human friends alike. The amazingly caring Cats Of Instagram community show support for other cats and their humans during hard times of sickness or loss, follower milestones or birthday pawty celebrations. There are many philanthropic cats and humans who shed light on special needs cats, charities, organizations, fostering or injustices such as @mycatkyle @kittenxlady @eddie_the_lilac_lion or @yellowhatsforcats.

Social media can be frustrating at times too though. Hearing about pictures being stolen by other users, accounts being hacked or lost is not uncommon and it is unfair. And don’t get me started on Instagram’s whole algorithm business!

But despite that, the internet and social media platforms are a fascinating place to meet furriends from around the world.

KM: Do you have a special someone in your life?

S: Around Valentines Day, my furriend @lola_theexotic_showgirl set me up on a blind date with @iamliquidcat and it was love at first sight! He is a three year old, lilac colored British Shorthair. He lives in Paris with his humans. He is just so handsome and is just a darling. I call him my beau. Not many humans and cats know his real name and his secret is safe with me!

KM: Why Stella, I didn’t know you had a beau!!! That’s pawsome! I hope we get to meet this elusive hunk sometime soon! What is your dream date?

S: Mine and @iamliquidcat’s first date was so pawesome! It was in Sydney, Australia. We had a beautiful picnic lunch in Hyde Park, went to the aquarium and then to Luna Park and went on loads of fun rides! It was a dream come true!


KM: That sounds like a wonderful date! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

S: The humans are taking me with them on their 2 week vacation to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. I hope to have a safe and stress free 15 hour car ride. Wish me luck! It will be an accomplishment for sure if I get through it.

KM: I wish you luck sister! I am not a fan of the car but Mama keeps saying she wants to take me on a cross Canada trip! Right! Like that’s going to happen! Anyway, do you have anything else you would like to say?

S: I love my followers on Instagram! I have met so many furriends who each have a special place in my heart. They are all so beautiful and handsome and have the most kind, caring and generous humans who share their stories.

KM: Thanks so much for chatting with me Stella! You are such a joy to talk to! Let’s catch up at the next pawty!



If you would like to follow Stella on Instagram, please check out @stella_thescottishfold


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