Edmonton International Cat Festival

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love cats!

Therefore, The Edmonton International Cat Festival is one of my favourite events to attend every year. It brings all cat lovers together and each year, they donate 100% of the proceeds to rescues. This year, they raised $31,000!!

I was very excited to take Kitty Mojito with me this year. We took an Uber to the Robbins Health Learning Centre. Although we got there early, the line up was already down the street! Can you spot us?

Kitty attracted a lot of attention in her Fat Cat backpack. We were photographed constantly and everyone wanted to pet her! She loved the attention. We also got many questions about the backpack and how to introduce a cat to it.


There were many amazing vendors! Check out some of the items they had for sale!

We were also lucky enough to meet Suki the Adventure Cat and Gary. Both are amazing, adventurous Albertan kitties who travel to wonderful places.

Please head over to check out www.instagram.com/greatgramsofgary and follow his fabulous adventures.

Suki is a world travelling Bengal kitty. Head over to www.instagram.com/sukiicat and marvel at the amazing photos on her feed.

We were also lucky to be featured on the CBC Edmonton Instagram stories as they were fascinated by Kitty in her Fat Cat Backpack!

Kitty and I spent over 5 hours at the YEG Cat Fest. We took a short lunch break while taking in all the sights and sounds. After a quick selfie, Kitty stretched out for a snooze while waiting for Daddy to pick her up.

I am extremely proud of how well Kitty handled the crowds and the bustling atmosphere. An important thing to keep in mind when taking your cats out to crowded events is to make sure your cat is microchipped or tattooed. Safety of your pet should be your number one priority.

Invest in a good carrier and a sturdy leash that will keep your pet safe and secure. Take a few snacks and fresh water for your pet. Find a quiet place to take a break and make sure you let your pet know that you are there to protect them. New places and sounds will scare them so give them lots of pets and love so they know you are there for them.



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