Summer Adventures 2019

In Canada, summer is precious. We wait all year for the few weeks of summer to come around and when it does, we cherish every minute of it.

Although my husband and I don’t go on any long trips during summer time, we take the time to enjoy many things that our city has to offer.

Edmonton is famous for festivals. The Taste of Edmonton and Heritage Days are two of our favourites. We love to eat so these two food festivals are our go-to every summer.

There is also the Folk Festival, Jazz Festival, Blues Festival and many, many more music festivals and outdoor activities.

We also love to include Kitty Mojito in our activities. This summer, we took her canoeing for the first time. She was a bit nervous at first but quickly got curious enough to leave her backpack.

We spent many hours on the lake, having lunch and enjoying the surroundings out on the water. Kitty explored the canoe, watched the ducks swim about and let the gentle waves rock her to sleep. We are very proud of our little girl as she was brave, curious and open to new experiences.

I think it is important to give your pet enrichment and excitement in a supervised manner. Many cat owners think that since cats are so independent, they can be left alone. But on the contrary, cats are social animals that require regular
attention and quality interaction. Take time to play with you cat daily and give them opportunities to use their natural hunting skills. We like to hide toys and treats around the house and Kitty Mojito will stalk and hunt them. We also take her out on the leash to many places cat safe places. This adventure taught us that Kitty is more open to trying new things than we thought!

If you follow Kitty on Instagram (@kittymojito), you will see all the places that she visits. She is still getting used to travelling by car however she has become more comfortable than before which is a step in the right direction.

Do you take your pets on adventures? Let us know in the comments below!


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