Thank You From Aria And Stravyn!

When Kitty had the reins to the blog awhile back, she decided to do some advertising of her own and sent out a bunch of bookmarks to some of her new buddies.

I received these photos from Aria’s daddy, Rob and Stravyn’s papa, Scott.


This is Aria …..  As you can see she is reading the letter that Kitty sent her. 🙂 From what I hear from her daddy, Aria loves mail! I think she must have been thrilled to get this!!



This is Stravyn. She actually has her own blog! ( She is also a very vocal about her thoughts and ideas! She sent me a little message to let me know that she is enjoying the bookmarks with this new book she is reading “The cat who smelled a rat”


Stravyn’s message


Kitty was very happy to hear that her friends are enjoying the gifts:)

And big thanks to Aria (and Rob) and Stravyn (and Scott) for allowing me to share these photos 🙂



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