New Project In The Works!

Hello Friends!

I have been thinking of doing something fun for the upcoming holiday season and I came up with an idea of doing a little book of Kitty & friends…..!

It would be a book full of photos and stories of kitties who have been adopted from rescues and shelters. Tt would be an opportunity to give thanks and a shout out to the rescues as well!

Once the book is ready, I am hoping to sell it and have all the proceeds from it go to various local rescues. I haven’t picked which rescues to donate towards yet. I know a few organizations that build shelters for feral colonies so that those kitties are warm and safe during winter. This would be a great project to contribute to….

If you have any suggestions and ideas about this project, please let me know:) I would love to get some feedback!!




Thank You From Aria And Stravyn!

When Kitty had the reins to the blog awhile back, she decided to do some advertising of her own and sent out a bunch of bookmarks to some of her new buddies.

I received these photos from Aria’s daddy, Rob and Stravyn’s papa, Scott.


This is Aria …..  As you can see she is reading the letter that Kitty sent her. 🙂 From what I hear from her daddy, Aria loves mail! I think she must have been thrilled to get this!!



This is Stravyn. She actually has her own blog! (www.stravyn.com) She is also a very vocal about her thoughts and ideas! She sent me a little message to let me know that she is enjoying the bookmarks with this new book she is reading “The cat who smelled a rat”


Stravyn’s message


Kitty was very happy to hear that her friends are enjoying the gifts:)

And big thanks to Aria (and Rob) and Stravyn (and Scott) for allowing me to share these photos 🙂