New Project In The Works!

Hello Friends!

I have been thinking of doing something fun for the upcoming holiday season and I came up with an idea of doing a little book of Kitty & friends…..!

It would be a book full of photos and stories of kitties who have been adopted from rescues and shelters. Tt would be an opportunity to give thanks and a shout out to the rescues as well!

Once the book is ready, I am hoping to sell it and have all the proceeds from it go to various local rescues. I haven’t picked which rescues to donate towards yet. I know a few organizations that build shelters for feral colonies so that those kitties are warm and safe during winter. This would be a great project to contribute to….

If you have any suggestions and ideas about this project, please let me know:) I would love to get some feedback!!




2 thoughts on “New Project In The Works!

  1. I’ve been rescuing animals for over 20years, took the aht program so I can learn to help now animals and I know many people with some amazing cats including my own. I’m also great for helping refine ideas and fixing input…. If you need help finding photographers and such or take photos of my beautiful babies, let me know!


    • Hi Beth thank you so much for your response to the project. I would love to feature your kitties. Please email me at with 3 clear photos (per cat) and a little information about how you got them, what they are like (personality wise), their favourite thing to do,eat etc 🙂

      Also please feel free to share this with all other cat lovers 🙂 thanks again


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