Project Update #1

Hello everybody! I just wanted to give you all a quick update as to how things are coming along with my new book project!!! I have had some great responses and have about 11 stories put together so far!

I still have room for another 10 or so stories so please make sure to get in touch if you would like your kitties featured on the book.

A little request…. when you send me emails with the stories, please make sure to include the following :

  • 3 clear photos of each kitty (high resolution if possible)
  • A little history on the kitty and how you found them.
  • A bit on kitty’s personality, their favourite things like food, toys etc and a day in the life of the kitty…. what is an average day like for them….

I am hoping to do a pre-print of the book this weekend to see how the picture quality turns out so if you want to get those stories to me sooner, that would be great!






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