Change Is Good…… Maybe?

As you know, we had some water damage to our condo earlier this year… While the restoration was done, the renovations were yet to begin…

Well as of last week, it finally got started…. What does this mean? It means that we will have a renovated place to go back to but in the meantime we have to leave home in order for them to get to work.

So last Friday, we packed up the car with some necessities and moved into a temporary apartment for a month or so. That sounds good right? Yes, it does… but what you don’t know yet is that this apartment is on the 28th floor! For someone who is terrified of heights, it’s not exactly ideal! But it is a beautiful place and the views are amazing….

Kitty on the other hand took to the new place with ease. Although she is not too fond of change and new places, she relaxes as long as we are around. Her safety net is us.

So she spent the first day exploring, climbing up on to cupboards, sniffing in every nook and cranny…. We got her a small collapsible cat condo and set it up on a side table by the floor to ceiling windows and she spends lots of time looking out and napping.

I suppose the purpose of this post is to remind myself that change is good. Sometimes the circumstance from which this change manifests may not be ideal, but every experience that we go though teaches us something, no matter how small a lesson it may be. For me, this taught me that I can live on less. I have the basics with me right now and I don’t miss anything else we left at home. It has given me a resolve to live more simply and not put much value on to material things.

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