Katdid Konversation With Pelusa and Melon

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Katdid Konversations!

I am your host, Kitty Mojito!

Today we are chatting with two lovely ladies from the beautiful city of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Please say hello to Pelusa (3) and Melon (2)!


KM: Ladies, it is so lovely to meet you! How was your flight from Spain? Good I hope! So let’s start with your history. How did you come to find your human?

Pelusa: My humans saw an ad that said that there were some kitties that needed to be adopted. They had recently lost our other sister Picota, who sadly we never met, so they decided to get another cat because a home without a cat is just a house.

Melon: My humans were looking for a sister for Pelusa so that she would have someone to play and fight with. They saw me in an online ad and they were captivated by me.

KM: Wonderful! Now what is a day in your life like? What do you both do?

P & M: We love to wake our humans up early, to let them know we’re hungry and that it’s time for breakfast. If they don’t wake up, we’ll start meowing and jumping on them until they do! We loooove it, it’s lots of fun! Everypawdy should try it. After breakfast, we chill in our teepee and take a nap until we’re hungry again. And in general that’s pretty much what we do. We eat, sleep, and play. It’s a pretty tough life.

Pelusa: I’m a very active cat, so I love to climb things whenever I can. My favourite place to climb is the wardrobe because I can spy on the people on the street. I also like to climb on the shower, because I’m fascinated by it, although I don’t like to get wet.

Melon: I’m more chill than Pelusa and I looove to cuddle with humom and take long naps. I don’t get why Pelusa likes climbing when there’s no food on the wardrobe or the shower. I guess she’s a little wild.

KM: That sounds so relaxing!  What do you REALLY think of your human?

P & M: Mmmm….. I cannot say too many bad things, because they’re the ones who feed us but I guess they’re alright. They have us on a diet now because the vet says that Melon is overweight. That’s so rude! The vet should look herself in the mirror before saying those things. We don’t love our eating schedule, but other than that we’re really spoiled cats. We’re living the good life.

KM: That is true. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you 🙂 Speaking of feeding, what is your most favourite kind of food?

P & M: We’re obsessed with tuna, wet food and pates. Every time we see our humans with a can of wet food, we go crazy.

KM: If you had to choose one toy to play with, what would that be?

Pelusa: One of those feathery toys with the long stick. Every time the humans show it to me, I get so excited.

Melon: A paper roll. It doesn’t matter what my humans buy me, I’ll always play with paper rolls.


KM: Hmm, both very good choices. The paper roll is always so much fun isn’t it? How would you describe your sense of style?

P & M: Mmmm….. we don’t love wearing anything, because we don’t need accessories to look gorgeous, although Meowmy sometimes makes us wear bow-ties.

KM: You guys! You must try out some outfits! I’m sure you both will look just fabulous! I will get my Mama to send you some bandanas! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

P & M: We’re indoor cats, so we haven’t really met many animals besides our humans, but we’re usually scared of the animals we don’t know.

KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

P & M: To have an open tuna bar. Eating tuna 24/7….. we’re thinking about it and our mouths are watering.


KM: Wouldn’t that be just fantastic? Wow! Imagine…. unlimited tuna….. OK, OK, let’s not get sidetracked. Do you guys have any special skills?

Melon: I just learnt to sit but I just do it for the treats. Other than that, I guess being super cute and getting away with anything.

Pelusa: I can jump up to places that you would think are impossible.  I’m also super cute so I get away with anything too.

KM: Being super cute sure must have its perks! What do you value most in life?

Melon: Food, Pelusa and cuddles with my humans.

Pelusa: The coffee maker. I love marking it, although I let the humans use it in the morning. I guess Melon and my humans too, but after the coffee maker of course.

KM: A coffee maker? Pelusa, that is …ummmmm….interesting. Considering the political climate today, how do you feel about more cats getting into politics and making the world kinder?

P & M: We believe that the world should be ruled by cats so that nothing bad would ever happen again. We love that cats are getting into politics, because as we see it, we’re the future.


KM: We definitely are the future! I hope everyone out there got that message! Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?

P & M: One thing we’re impressed with is the kindness, love and support there is in the Instagram Cat Community. When Meowmy made our profile, she wasn’t sure what to expect and it has completely exceeded her expectations.

We’ve made so many furriends in the last few months and we’re so grateful for each and every one of them. Without Instagram, we would have never met so many wonderful kitties.

KM: Yes, the COI community is definitely the best! Do you have a special someone in your life? 

Pelusa: Right now, I’m taking some ‘me’ time and focusing on myself.

Melon: Not really, although there’s a kitty named Bach who looks like me, and I think he has a thing for me, but we’ll see where things take us.

KM: Melon, a secret crush?? Oooh! How romantic! If you were to go on a date, what would that perfect day/night look like?

P & M: If you’re with the right person, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re together.


KM: Awww. that is such a sweet sentiment. You guys are just so adorable! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

P & M: We’d love to rule the world as we said earlier, but for now, we’ll start by ruling our home.

KM: Do you have anything else you would like to say?

P & M: First thank you for this lovely interview Mojito! We’re so glad to have met you and we look forward to getting to know each other more. Also, excuse our English, because as you can see it’s not our first language. Lots of kisses.



KM: Pelusa and Melon, thank you so much for this wonderful chat! I’m so happy to have made some wonderful new furriends as you! Looking forward to getting to know you both too! And by the way, your English is perfect!

If you would like to follow the adventures of Pelusa and Melon, please check out their Instagram @pelusamelon.cats



One thought on “Katdid Konversation With Pelusa and Melon

  1. Always a pleasure chatting with you cutie, you’re a really talented journalist.
    We hope to meet you again soon, and maybe go to some pawtys together.
    Pelusa & Melon.


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