Katdid Konversation With Sisu

What a fabulous day it is to chat with a wonderful furriend!
Welcome to Katdid Konversations!
I am your host, Kitty Mojito!
Today we are heading to the beautiful city of Calgary to chat with distinguished 18 year old gentleman Sisu!
KM: Thanks for joining me today Sisu! It is an honour to finally get to chat with you! Let’s get started by talking a bit about your past. How did you come to find your human?
S: I was found in an industrial area of Calgary in January, the coldest time of the year. Luckily, a kind worker noticed me and took the time to catch me and take me to a shelter. Here they did the old snip-snip and fixed me up in other ways. I was very malnourished and had some skin problems but they took very good care of me. The first day I was put up for adoption, my hoomins came in and immediately took me to the play room. They smelled nice and talked to me so much that I went right up to them and started purring. Next thing I know, I’m in a box with a bunch of food and cat stuff all around me, riding in a car to my furrever home.
KM: That is a wonderful start to your great life! Describe a day in your life
S: I wait outside the bedroom door and the second I hear them moving, I start meowing in very short, sharp loud bursts. That’s why they call me The Trumpet. I only ever do this first thing in the morning. It’s my reminder to them that my food bowl is empty, or at least there is a hole in the middle of the kibble. Isn’t that horrible? I sit on their laps while they have their tea and coffee and read the paper. I like reading the paper too, by crumpling it up. After breakfast, I sit on my perch and sleep. Then I move upstairs and continue napping throughout the day, on the couch or under the lamp. Evenings are often movie or book time which means I get to sit on laps and snuggle. Oh, and nap some more before bedtime.
KM: That sounds very cozy! Now if your human has returned home from a very long day of running errands, how do you greet him/her?
S: I run to the door. I’m not aloof like some cats. I meow and rub myself on their legs to let them know how much I missed them, how much I love them. Also, by doing this, sometimes I get extra treats.
KM: Extra treats are the best aren’t they? What kind of food do you like?
S: TUNA.  Ahem. I might have lost it for a moment but I go crazy for tuna. I don’t eat any other human food except sometimes I’ll get a piece of extra old Balderson’s cheddar. No other cheese, just that one. With tuna.
KM: What is your favourite toy?
S: My green mousie. I’ve had it for a long time and I love to carry it around. Often I put it in Meowmy’s shoe. It’s safe there.
KM: Sisu, you have a few years under your belt. How has your sense of style developed over the years?
S: I am dapper and old fashioned. I am a senior cat after all so I like the bowtie and suspenders look. It suits me and my mellow mood.
KM: You definitely do rock that look! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?
S: I do not like other animals. The hoomins tried to introduce another cat with the help of my Meowmy’s sister, who works in animal shelters and knows how to do these things, and I told them who was boss. No way was I sharing my space with another kitty! It’s okay though because Meowmy’s sister adopted the other kitty and he has a great home. His name is Wyatt. It all worked out for the best.
KM: I hear you… I’m not sure about other cats either! Although Mama keeps saying that we should get another kitty. Like I’m not enough for her! Jeez!… Anyway, if you could make one wish, what would it be?
S: I wish people were more educated about animal welfare and realize that animals are living beings, NOT objects. There needs to be more done for education about spay and neuter programs, how that stops so much suffering. Also, tied in to this, our laws need to change to reflect animals being treated as living, breathing beings with harsher penalties for people who don’t respect this.
KM: Most definitely. The animal procetion laws here in Canada are so pathetic! Sisu, do you have any special skills?
S: Purring. Definitely purring. My purr is deep and loud. Sometimes in the morning when I am so excited to see the hoomins, I get a squeak in my purr and it makes them laugh but I keep on purring.
KM: What things are most important to you now? 
S: Changing laws on animal abuse and cruelty. In Canada, the laws haven’t been changed in decades and the one that tried to be passed last fall failed. Meowmy is researching and finding out what to do to re-word the law and get it on the floor again. Canada needs to catch up to modern times. Also, paws need claws. That is another petition that needs to be refreshed and made into law, like most Western countries already have in place.
KM: How do you feel about cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?
S: I think we could learn a lot from cats. I definitely follow #derpcabnet and Mr. Derpurrez @little_franklin_ Many of the top issues regarding cat welfare are brought up through these posts. Also, the COI community is fantastic for being supportive and caring of all who are on there. Maybe hoomins could learn a bit more about getting along and accepting others even if they are different from one another.
KM: Hey, I’m in the DerpCabnet too!! Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?
S: There is real in the unreal on IG. I have friends on IG who I haven’t met, yet I feel as if we have known each other forever. There are true bonds and connections that form from sharing and caring and that is so beautiful. I don’t like all the ads. What’s up with that?!
KM: I share that sentiment with you Sisu! Do you have a special someone in your life? 
S: My hoomins. Both give me different kinds of love. Meowmy spoils me and kisses me and cuddles me so much. Catdad does too but he plays and rough houses more with me, which I like as well. Different types of affection but I can tell they love me so much. I love them too. I’m grateful to have found them.
KM: Don’t tell me a handsome hunk like you is single! No way! What is your dream date?
S:  Quiet classical music with some tunatinis. Me in a bowtie, her in a ball room gown. I’m an old fashioned romantic.
KM: Sounds so dreamy! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?
S: I really would like to consume some more tuna. It’s been awhile. Might have to get on the hoomins about that.
KM: Is there anything else you would like to say?
S: I am really grateful to have found the COI community. Meowmy was unsure about IG but now she feels the love and support of like-minded people. She also loves the fact that by being on IG, she has taken more photos of me and created a photo journal of my life and that matters a lot to her. She loves the sharing that people do, about their cats, their lives, their passions, everything. A big thank you for all who follow us! Head bonks and tail hugs to each and every one of you.
KM: Sisu, it was so great to share this time with you. We love you and your meowmy (and catdad!) so much and look forward to more of your adventures!
If you would like to give some love to Sisu, please follow him @zuzytea on Instagram

2 thoughts on “Katdid Konversation With Sisu

  1. This was so much fun to participate in, especially with well thought out questions beforehand. It’s a great way to learn more about our friends on IG but also to learn about issues that cats deal with, whether medical or temperamental, etc. It’s a space for learning as well as entertainment and that rocks. Way to go!! Really appreciate reading all the interviews. So creative of you to come up with this format. Thank you ❤


  2. High dare, Sisu! Eye really luvs yer interview. It wuz so nice to learn dat ya follow mee & mi Derp Cab Net on IG!
    Derp on Regardless!


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