Katdid Konversation with Katniss

Welcome to Katdid Konversations, the coolest place to be on this fabulous Sunday morning!

I am your host, Kitty Mojito!

Today we are chatting with the feisty and fabulous Katniss from Hertfordshire, England!

KM: Thanks for joining me today Katniss! It is so lovely to have you here. Can you tell me how you found your human?
K: My mum was looking for a cat and my mum’s friend knew that I was looking for a home. My Mum came to meet me the same day and took me home.
KM: That’s very sweet! Now that you have found your forever home, how do you spend your day?
K: I have an easy relaxing life. My mum works from home so I spend all day sitting with her while she gets her work done. I’m also an indoor kitty.
KM: You’re so lucky! I too love it when my pawrents are home with me all day! What do you REALLY think of your human?
K: She can be annoying sometimes. She constantly takes my picture!  When I eat, when I groom she is there taking photos. But I love her. 
KM: Ha ha! Tell me about it! Mine does the same thing! I swear the only privacy I get is when I use the potty. Anyway, on to more pleasant things…. What is your most favourite kind of food?
K: Chicken and gravy 
KM: Mmmmmm…… delicious! If you had to choose one toy to play with, what would that be?
K: My rocket fuel catnip mouse 
KM: Wow! That sounds like an amazing toy! How would you describe your sense of style?
K: Pink and girlie 
KM: I bet you must look lovely in all your accessories. You look marvelous in this bandana you are wearing! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?
K: Cats rule, dogs drool. Cats are definitely at the top of the hierarchy. 
KM: Those are some wise words Katniss! If you could make one wish, what would it be?
K: That every cat has a loving home with lots of love, food and toys.
KM: Most definitely! That’s what we all wish for. Do you have any special skills?
K: I’m very good at jumping very high! 
KM: Amazing! You must get your mum to take a video of your high jumps! I’m sure everyone would love to see it! What do you value most in life?
K: Spending time laying on the bed with mum
KM: The simple things in life are the best aren’t they? Considering the political climate today, how do you feel about more cats getting into politics and making the world kinder?
K: I love it! I’d love to be the Prime Minister of England!
KM: Oh I’m sure you will make an excellent PM! Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media? 
K: I love that there are so many unique kitties. I love how everyone is so kind and welcoming. I’ve been on Instagram for 5 months and there’s nothing that I dislike. I love seeing all my friends’ new photos and posts and seeing what they’ve all been up to.
KM: Do you have a special someone in your life?
K: I do! I have a very special handsome gentlecat called Sunshine. He is an American bobtail cat.
KM: OMG! You are Sunshine’s lady? That’s wonderful! He is such a nice guy! You two make a lovely couple! If you were to go on a date, what would a perfect day/night look like?
K: A picnic under the stars 
KM: Definitely very romantic! Sunshine, take notes here ! LOL! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?
K: I’d like to be able to learn to walk on my harness so I can go exploring with mum.
KM: It takes a bit of time Katniss. You will be comfortable in it in no time and then you can go on many adventures! Keep trying! 

KM: Katniss, it has been a great pleasure spending this time with you today! You are such a sweet girl! I look forward to following your adventures!

Be sure not to miss any of Katniss’ adventures! Check her out @katnisstuxedocat on Instagram!


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