Katdid Konversation with Pebbles, Sparrow and Peanut!

 Hi everypawdy! Welcome to Katdid Konversations!
I am your host, Kitty Mojito!
I have an extra special treat for you today!
My guests today are three amazing kitties from Miami, Florida!
Please welcome  Sparrow, Peanut, and Pebbles!
KM: I am thrilled to chat with you guys today!! Thanks so much for joining me! So let’s start by talking about how you came to find your human?

PSP: We were all adopted through Smitten with Kittens, a non-profit no kill organization. One day Meowmy was shopping next to a Petsmart and decided to go inside with no expectations of adopting a kitty. Inside she found me (Sparrow) and my two brothers (they were already adopted), Captain and Jack. I cried for her until she picked me up. What a sucker! After 2 seconds I had her! She went home with me that day.

I got really sick after a few days and they say I was probably depressed because I missed my brothers. So Meowmy went back the following weekend and adopted Peanut. We were so close since day one. We cuddled and played and were inseparable!

And yet another week later, Meowmy made the mistake of logging on to their website and saw Pebbles. She was so cute and looked like a little possum. Her story was sad. They found her behind a restaurant with her mother who had been hit by a car and didn’t survive. She didn’t do well at adoption events and had really bad anxiety. Meowmy wanted to help and had to drive an hour to the fosters to go see her. She fell in love and adopted her. We didn’t get along at first but a week in we all loved each other.

KM: Your Meowmy is so kind to take three kitties in! Describe a day in your life.

PSP: Well it starts off at 5am when I, Sparrow, pull Meowmy’s hair and Peanut meows like crazy until she gets up and feeds us. Once we eat, we are nice enough to let her go back to sleep because we need a warm body to cuddle with. On weekdays, Meowmy usually goes to work and we sleep, sleep and sleep. On weekends, she is usually home spending time with us. She acts as our Social Media Manager, Meowdeling Manager and Photographer (you know, since we are meowdels and all).

We are very spoilt kitties and live the good life. We had tons of accessories (bow-ties, flowers, bandanas) and tons of toys. I think we have trained our Meowmy very well.



KM: Oh definitely! You have her under your pretty little paws! LOL! I must congratulate you all on your budding meowdeling careers! But tell me, what do you REALLY think of your human? 

PSP: We wish we could say that she is our servant and does whatever we want but we love her and she loves us. We ARE treated like royalty BUT we show Meowmy just as much love.

KM: That is very sweet guys. What is your most favourite kind of food?

PSP: We love seafood, the wet kind, but we are on this crappy weight management food (I mean seriously?? We are meowdels! How can we possibly need to lose weight?!?!?)

KM: I think it’s so you can all stay healthy and strong so you can do even more meowdeling! If you had to choose one toy to play with, what would that be?

PSP: Oh this is tough… For me (Sparrow) it’s Meowmy’s hair ties! Those are the best!  Peanut loves catching prey in the middle of the night so he likes to catch mice toys. And Pebbles loves wand toys.



KM: Now I know you guys are some of the most well dressed cats out there! How would you describe your sense of style?

PSP: Fashionable! We love dressing up and looking cute. We actually sit still when Meowmy does a wardrobe change!

KM: It definitely shows in all the wonderful photos that you post! What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

PSP: We haven’t really had too much experience with dogs after coming to our forever home. Our fosters had dogs and I used to ride on the dogs back. Most other animals, well they look delicious. Our hubro used to have a hamster and we would sit and watch him. Meowmy did put him in the hamster ball once and we got scared. I mean, no, no. We were brave and scared the hamster.

KM: You guys are too funny! If you could make one wish, what would it be?

PSP: That all cats/dogs are lucky enough to find the love and care we were lucky enough to find. And if we have a 2nd wish, unlimited supply of treats!



KM: I am with you on both those wishes!! Do you have any special skills?

PSP: I (Sparrow) know how to calm my Meowmy down no matter what is bothering her. Peanut has almost learned to sit on command but it’s really when he wants to. And of course, we have our signature meowdeling poses down! Head tilts and adorable faces.

KM: You are all amazing at your meowdeling!  What do you guys value most in life?

PSP: Our meowmy without a doubt.

KM: Considering the political climate today, how do you feel about more cats getting into politics and making the world kinder?

PSP: Wait, I thought we already ruled the world?!?! If not, we should.

KM: Haha! I think we secretly rule the world and no one else knows it!! Instagram is a great place to make friends. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?

We love meeting all of our great furriends amd Meowmy has really made some ameowzing connections with their hoomans, but this is really about us, not her. We don’t like the whole follower count and people who follow to unfollow. We want furriends who truly connect with us.

KM: That is so true. So many people follow but don’t interact! Do you guys have any special someones in your lives?

PSP: We are all lucky to have many special someones in our lives! I (Sparrow) have my sweet Jimmy aka Jimbo (@we3catbros). I fainted after watching him perform with the Orange Crush Cat Band. After that, it was love at first sight. Peanut is with Zippy (@collins_cats). They both played hard to get and we all knew where it was heading. They are purrfect for each other. It’s not all lovey dovey like me and Jimmy, but it’s so them! Pebbles has Tony (@tony_bologna_cat). They’ve been together the longest and I think they look so adorable together with their silly faces. 💕 I adore how he calls her bootiful!

KM: That is just so wonderful! They are all my furriends too!! If any of you were to go on a date, what would a perfect day/night look like?

PSP:  For me (Sparrow) I’m all about romance. I like the smooches, romantic dinners and occasional stalking of Dex (@dex_the_cat_life) and his not girlfriend, girlfriend, Stella (Jimmy’s actual cousin). Peanut likes going for rides with Zippy and feeling the wind through their fur. They are all about the adventure life! Pebbles loves going to fun pawties with Tony. He throws the best ones!




KM: Yes! Tony’s pawties are epic!  I love how you guys are into so many different things! What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

PSP: We’d like to try to venture outside when we move to our new apartment. We hear we are right next to a gorgeous lake and in a quiet complex. It’s much calmer than where we live now. Hopefully we won’t freak out! 🙀

KM: Sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to see photos of all your outdoor adventures! Do you have anything else you would like to say?

PSP: We hope to make more furriends and get to know all of COI better. We are silly kitties who don’t take too much seriously.

KM: Peanut, Sparrow and Pebbles, thank you so much for taking time from your busy lives to sit down for a chat with me today! I loved getting to know you guys more and I’m sure your followers did too!
If you would like to follow the adventures of Peanut, Sparrow and Pebbles, don’t forget to check out their Instagram @threecats1lady

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