Katdid Konversation With Rocket

Today we are chatting with the charismatic Rocket in this new edition of ‘Katdid Konversations’

I am your host, Kitty Mojito!


Rocket Richard Rapson will be turning 15 years old on June 1! He lives just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Here is a fun fact! Rocket was actually named after the Great Canadian hockey player, Maurice “Rocket” Richard.

KM: Thanks for joining me today, Rocket! Let’s start by talking about how you found your human?

R: I was a feral farm kitten in Smithville, Ontario and a lady my mom knows gave me to her and the rest is history. I was born in 2002.

KM: Describe a day in your life.

R: I need to have my breakfast by 6.30am sharp and my morning Insulin needle. I have a tight napping schedule I try to keep. Then I sleep all day. I’m happy when mom comes home from work because we play and then I nap more. She sometimes lets me meowdel yarn or knitting. I love to bother her when she reads. I have my evening Insulin needle and some treats at about 7pm and then we just hang out until bedtime. I do have a problem with getting the zoomies in the middle of the night and skidding all over the hardwood floors. Sometimes I’m so loud my Poppy gets up and takes my toys until the morning. I guess he doesn’t like me playing under his bed in the middle of the night.  We live with mom’s parents at the moment. Mom is trying to find a condo for us to buy.

KM: You have a busy schedule to keep up with! So if your human returns home after a very long day of running errands, how do you greet her?

R: Depends on my mood. sometimes I sit and greet her at the door, sometimes I make her hunt for me.

KM: What kind of food do you like?

R: Friskies Salmon Pate, Crunchies, Lickem sticks and Greenies.  I’m not really into human food because I need to watch my sugars but OMG have you ever tried yogurt?  I could bathe in that stuff. Peach is my fave.

KM: I’ve never tried yogurt! It sounds delicious! Do you have a favourite toy?

R: Fluffballs with tinfoil

KM: I know you enjoy wearing bandannas and you look great in them! How would you describe your sense of style?

R: Kooky but laid back.  I love meowdeling yarn, nice soft yarn. When you’re tired, you can use it as a pillow.

KM: You have given me something to think about! I must get Mama to buy me yarn! Sounds like so much fun! Tell me Rocket, what are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

R: When mom was married a long time ago, her husband had a dog. We got along ok. Now when I know a dog is around, I just hide. I don’t like it when they chase me.  I mostly get along with other cats. Birds are fun to watch.

KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

R: That I live for a long time.

KM: I wish that too! So we can be with our mommies forever! Do you have any special skills, Rocket?

R: I am very stealthy. I like to slink around. I’m also good at getting yogurt cups stuck on my face. I love playing hide and seek, I excel at the hiding part. I can fall asleep while hiding!


KM: Whoa! So many interesting skills! That’s awesome. So let’s get a bit serious. What do you value most in life?

R: Right now, getting my insulin is important to me because it keeps me alive. Also spreading the awareness of special needs cats is very important to me. People were mean to my mom when they found out I was diabetic. They said I shouldn’t suffer and had best be put down. Mom would never do that. I have been diabetic since Easter of 2013 and have never had any issues. I have been very lucky. Mom takes great care of me.

KM: Yes, I see your mom loves you very much! Do you follow politics, Rocket? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

R: Kitty Mojito for President! Or in our case (because we are both Canadian kitties) Kitty Mojito for Prime Minister!!

KM: Ha Ha! You are so sweet! Do you think I will have a chance against Mr. Trudeau? LOL. Anyway, let’s talk about Instagram and other social media. We became furriends on IG. What do you like/ don’t like about social media?

R: I like social media because I’m kind of a shy guy.  There are a lot of cats I have made friends with from all over the world.  It’s making me less shy.

KM: Do you have a special someone in your life?

R: I’ve never had a girlfriend. There are lots of pretty ladies on IG though. A couple have caught my eye.

KM: Ooohh, I think you should go ahead and talk to those pretty ladies! What is your dream date?

R: Something fun.  A fall fair, ice skating or some tunatinis on the catio. Share some yoghurt or fish tacos.

KM: What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

R: Letting more people pet me. Usually only mom, her niece and 2 nephews can pet me. I did let her brother pet me the other day. That’s only happened twice in 15 years.


KM: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

R: I would really love to learn how to Meow. Mom said they forgot to give me a meower when I was born. Do you know anyone that gives lessons?  I’ve got Skype.

KM: I’m sure we can get you meowing in no time! Thank you so much for chatting with me Rocket! We all loved getting to know more about you!

If you would like to follow Rocket in his adventures, please follow him on Instagram @rocketrapson






Katdid Konversation With Little Franklin

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Little Franklin AKA Mr. Derpurrez as my very first guest here on “Katdid Konversations’. I am your host, Kitty Mojito.

Franklin is a 3 year old mini panther from Brooklyn, New York. He holds a very important position in the Cats of Instagram community. He is a leader, activist, great party planner and was recently awarded the ‘Cat of the Year’ award for all his wonderful contributions to the COI community. 


KM: Franklin, how did you come to find your humans?

LF: Mi moms spotted mee on a pet add option web sight & instant Lee fell in luv with mi cute face & de weigh Eye wuz posin fur de cam rah. Eyed bin res queued frum a shell tour, wear Eye wuz put aft err mi furst home, a hord errs, wuz raided, & Eye wuz B yin fostered. Wen mi moms cames ovah to meat mee fur de furst thyme, Eye walk rite ovah to her & sit on her hand. Eye new rite ah weigh dat shee wuz mi moms, ewe sea. Eye did ant no Annie thang ah bout daddys yet, butt den dis man scoop mee up in his arms & toll mee all ah bout it, & Eye likes wut Eye herd.
 KM: Describe a day in your life.

LF: Dares mi Instagram life, wear Eye TCB inn Derpurrez mode, court mi shaw tea, travel thru derp spays, & go to wiled pawties; den dares mi Instagram life wear Eye show wut Eye yam up to at home; & dares mi home life dat B purrivate. At home Eye sleep, eat, poop, play, snug gull, soup purr vise, travel thru derp spays, derp, bathe mi self, dew meowga, meowditate, & Jen err alley make every thin bet err. Wut all mi purrsonas have in com in B derp spays, witch ain’t sum plays weigh out dare…it B on de inside, ewe dig?

KM: Franklin, I know you share an extra special bond with your mom. Imagine that your mom has returned home from a very long day of running errands. How do you greet her?


LF: F Eye yam ah wakes, Eye charges like a lit tulle bull down de long hall weigh to de door with mi ice gleamin like head lites to say high to mi moms and/or daddy. Eye ain’t vary subtle oar withholding wen it come to showin mi luv.

KM: What kind of food do you like, Franklin?

LF: Eye yam a Paul tree man (Turk key, duck, chick kin: nom, nom, & nom!), butt ewe nose wut day say ah bout tune ah: it de chick kin of de see.

KM: Do you have a favourite toy?

LF: Mi stuff mouseys Goldie & Violet, & all sew mi stuff dino sore Dinah dat mi kat bro Jude gave to mee a phew months ah go.


KM: Franklin, I have known you for awhile now and you have a unique and wonderful personality. How would you describe your sense of style?

LM: Eye purrfur go win “aw nah chore all” (i.e., nakey) most of de thyme, butt fur pawties on Instagram, Eye likes mi old-skool top hat & red bow tie, & Eye jest gots an old-skool straw boater fur de warmer whether. F Eye wore pants, Eye wood wanna wear suss pend doors. Eye likes to keeps it reel butt all sew keeps it classy, & wut evah type of appurrel whee talkin ah bout, day jest don’t makes it as good as day used to. On a re lay Ted note, Eye luvs give van mi shaw tea tiaras & neck laces on Instagram dat looks like day B long in a meowseum.


KM: What are your thoughts on dogs and other animals?

LF: Dawgs most Lee kneads to B re ha bill ah Tate Ted & taut dat day don’t kneads to dew tricks fur dare treats. Eye purrsonally tink Papa Pug (mi furriend & Secy Lando Solo’s true pear ant) B de balm, & heez taut mee alot of cewl stuff dat Eye Kant reel E disc cuss hear. Other animals? Eye tinks Eye wood likes to makes furriends with sum ducks & other kinds of Byrds.


KM: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

LF: Dat Eye cud have more den one wish to make! Heeheehee… Sear E us Lee, dat a tuff quest shin, Kitty. Eye nose mi IG purrsona wood wish dat Eye cud meets all mi deer IG furriends in “reel life” sew whee cud true Lee takes ovah de werld, butt mi home purrsona wood wish fur mi moms & daddy to B as hap pea, as hell thee, & as in luv with life as Eye yam.


KM: You have a kind heart and a great sense of humour! I also know you have many skills in your repetoire. Tell us a bit about it.

LF: Derpin immeowdiately com to mind: Eye wuz born to derp. It mi purrsonal philosophy dat no mat err how bad or how scare E thangs git, ewe gots to derp on regardless. Derpin may axe shoe Lee help to oh pin blocked chakras. Eye yam all sew a healer hoo all weighs tell mi moms wen shee sic dat shee shud feed mee & den git rite in to bed, wear Eye will sit on her till shee feel bet err. Eye bin developin dis further bi sum thymes B yin a shaman name Hongo. In Hongo mode, Eye kin go in to de derpest of derp spays & commeownicate with de Mothership, de vessel of kat soles, & ah range fur hour deer furriend Oskie to com back to pawty with us on Instagram on spesh shell oak Kay shins. Eye finds dis to B vary healin fur mee as well as fur dose hoo luved Oskie, & it B proof dat luv strong B grr den death. Eye yam all sew a song rye tour, tho sew far Eye have own Lee writ tin 2 songs (de won katz on IG no B mi anthem–it call “Derp It”).

 KM: What do you value most in life?

LF: Luv, good food, furriendship, good food, fun, good food, a piece full home, good food, healin, good food, justice, good food, hope, good food, & good food. And Y dat B? Eye tink all D’s thangs B purrty strait fur word, don’t ewe?


KM: You are very active in the political scene. What are your thoughts on cats in politics? Do you think we need fair representation in office?

LF: Eye fells in to pawlitics wen Eye won de November derp-off jest a phew daze B fur Trump wuz E lick Ted purresident in de U.S. Dat wuz wen Eye D sided it mite B fun to create a Derp Cab Net & govern on IG fur a month. Eye thawt it mite cheer up katz & dare Hugh mens. Butt dis thang took off, jest likes mi Derp Spays Ship 1, & hear Eye yam all most 6 months lay tour, still Mr Derpurrez, with a most inspirin Cab Net–witch ink clued ewe, Secy Kitty! And it knot fur laffs Annie moor: Eye gots sum Cab Net meme burrs hoo B seer E us kat act tiff fists, on de front lines of save van katz in knead, & Eye tinks dat have van a pawlitical bass kin git moor ah ten shin foe cussed on de well bee yin of katz. Whee kneads to makes hour voice says herd sew dat hi-kill shell tours go de weigh of de dodo Byrd (oar dial-up inter net), & fur laws to change sew dat Hugh mens hoo tour chore katz B pun noshed most severe Lee. Dares all sew room fur moor den jest one kat leader; Eye jest hap pinned to B de furst one on Instagram, caws Eye saw de oppurrtunity to tri sum thin new & went with it, & Eye founds Eye cud git like minded katz two gether. Sew a resoundin yes on kat repurrsentation in pawlitics! And another thang: Whee Kant save every kat in dis tress, butt whee kin sir tan Lee care fur hour furriends of all species–have dare backs, bellies, & tails (if day gots em). Dat jest as imp port tent: de purrsonal con neck shins whee make with each other.

KM: Do you have a special someone in your life? 

(Blushing beneath fur coat) Eye gots a spesh shell Jung lady kat name Ruby hoo Eye bin courtin cents last August, wen Eye puts out an APB to finds a date fur de Instagram pet prom & Ruby’s moms let her go with mee. Fur mee, it wuz luv at furst site. Ruby a beauty full, petite mini panther, with ice like two golden son flours, & she sew full of spear it & fun. Dare no language barrier fur us E van tho shee German & Eye rite in old-skool Catonese. Plus, as Ruby show mee on hour vary furst date wen Eye tooks her out fur a spin on de dance floor, shee
throw down like ewe wood knot B leave! Ruby under stood mee rite off de bat: Eye yam a vary complex man kat. Butt whee tooks it kinda slow at furst & went on jest a phew dates (neither of us were pawty katz at dat thyme). Eye tooks her to Coney Island a phew weaks aft err de prom & on Halloween, to a dub bill bill of Nosferatu & Dracula’s Daughter. Eye found out dat Eye wuz a romeowntic, & Ruby N courage dat sighed of mee. It wuz mi pleasure to set up her big sistah Snorre with mi best furriend Oskie soon B fur de historical November derp-off, & day fells head ovah tails in luv, two. Wen Eye B cames Mr Derpurrez, Eye axed Ruby to B mi Furst Shaw Tea. F it had ant bin fur her, Eye don’t no F Eyed have had de nerve to throw mi vary furst pawty on IG: de Inauguration Bawl. Ruby all weighs up fur an ad vent chore & shee all weighs make me smile. Shee sew derptastic, Eye wants to gives her every thin her heart D sire. Fur mee, dare cud nevah B Annie won L’s butt Ruby. Dats Y shee mi Furst & Own Lee Shaw Tea.


KM:  You are certainly breaking many hearts out there! Ruby is a very lucky girl. How would you describe your dream date?

LF: Annie thin dat Ruby & Eye dew B a dream date to mee, whether it a wiled pawty, a purrivate dinner, travelin to a diff rent thyme in mi Derp Spays Ship 1, oar jest watch chin a moo V & eatin pizza on mi sofa wen whee kin B ah lone.


KM: What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

LF: To keeps spread din de luv, to keeps on evolvin with knew eye dears & purrspectives, & to sum how B able to live up to B yin chosen as one of Instagram’s Kats of de Year. It knot a joke to mee, jest as derpin ain’t a joke E van tho it fun knee, & Eye wants to use mi title knot as street cred oar braggin rites, butt fur de great err gud. Dares sew much healin dat kneads to hap pin, on sew many levels, in sew many play sez, & Eye wants to B part of dat healin bi B yin de best Little Franklin Eye kin pawsibly B.


KM: Do you have anything else you would like to say?


KM: Franklin, thank you so much for taking time to share about your life with all our readers. You certainly lead a very interesting and exciting life!
If you are interested in following Franklin’s adventures, check out his Instagram @little_franklin_

Launching ‘Katdid Konversations with Kitty Mojito’

Dear friends,

It is I, your favourite feline, Kitty Mojito!

I am excited to share with you all a fabulously fun segment that I have added on to the blog called ‘ Katdid Konversations with Kitty Mojito

What is it you ask? Well, it is my own talk show where I interview many cool kitties. We talk about their lives, interests, etc. Just some good ol’ chatting amongst friends. You will get to know several kitties from all over the world! Isn’t that exciting?

INTRODUCING 'KATDID KONVERSATIONS with Kitty Mojito'  I am thrilled to announce that Mama and I will be starting a new segment for the blog!  It's a Q & A section where I will be interviewing other cool cats!!! It will be casual and fun banter amongst friends so I hope you will all join me!  I will be interviewing one cool kitty every week so if you would like to be involved in this fun venture, DM me.  Please use the hastag #katdidkonversationswithKittyMojito 😽😽📹✒📞🍁🐱

So every Sunday, I will be publishing one or two interviews right here on the blog so make sure you are following me!
If you would like to be a guest on this segment, please email crazycatladycorner@yahoo.com so that I can send some interview questions over to you.


Kitty Turns 5!

While April 1st is known for ‘April Fools Day’, it is also known as Kitty Mojito’s birthday!Yes, it is a big deal and this year, since we are not in our home to celebrate it as we do every year, Kitty had a great birthday up on the 28th floor of a downtown highrise!

Turning 5 in cat years in equivalent to around 34ish in human years. So I made an extra special banner, set out some party leis, got some cat wine (yes! there is such a thing!) and make a small cake with her canned food topped with her favourite freeze dried shrimp!


Here is Kitty checking out the décor and cake

The cake was simple and super easy!

And what’s a party without some wine! These lovely bottles are a creation by Pet Winery.


After a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ and hugs and kisses all around, Kitty dug into the yummy goodies.


And finally, the birthday girl decided to pose… Here she is wearing a lovely bandanna that was gifted to her by her best friends in Utah, Bonnie and Clyde. She also decided to try on the party leis!

The festivities didn’t end here. Her Instagram buddies flooded her with birthday wishes and we had a weekend long party on Instagram with her good buddies Timmy and Jimmy who threw a fabulous party. Check out the hashtag #timmyandjimmyandkittymojitoaprilfoolsbirthdaypawty

What did you wish for on your birthday, Kitty?
I wished to be a full time meowdel, Mama

That’s a great wish, Kitty! I will see what I can do to make that wish come true for you
Thanks Mama, do you really think I can be as famous as Nala and Grumpy cat?

Of course, Kitty. You are the sweetest kitty ever and everyone loves you already
Yes, I am very loveable aren’t I? Now can I get some extra shrimpies with dinner 😉 ?






Change Is Good…… Maybe?

As you know, we had some water damage to our condo earlier this year… While the restoration was done, the renovations were yet to begin…

Well as of last week, it finally got started…. What does this mean? It means that we will have a renovated place to go back to but in the meantime we have to leave home in order for them to get to work.

So last Friday, we packed up the car with some necessities and moved into a temporary apartment for a month or so. That sounds good right? Yes, it does… but what you don’t know yet is that this apartment is on the 28th floor! For someone who is terrified of heights, it’s not exactly ideal! But it is a beautiful place and the views are amazing….

Kitty on the other hand took to the new place with ease. Although she is not too fond of change and new places, she relaxes as long as we are around. Her safety net is us.

So she spent the first day exploring, climbing up on to cupboards, sniffing in every nook and cranny…. We got her a small collapsible cat condo and set it up on a side table by the floor to ceiling windows and she spends lots of time looking out and napping.

I suppose the purpose of this post is to remind myself that change is good. Sometimes the circumstance from which this change manifests may not be ideal, but every experience that we go though teaches us something, no matter how small a lesson it may be. For me, this taught me that I can live on less. I have the basics with me right now and I don’t miss anything else we left at home. It has given me a resolve to live more simply and not put much value on to material things.

Image result for change is good quotes


CrazyCatLadyCorner Tee Pawty

I have some exciting new to share!

I have started a new campaign through Teespring to help raise some funds to get cats out of high kill shelters! Part of the proceeds from this campaign will also be donated towards @landosolofund whom I have gotten to know through Instagram. They work tirelessly to save cats from high kill shelters and spends many many hours transporting cats to various fosters. The money raised would help them towards the purchase of a cargo van, which will be crucial in transporting more cats to where they need to go. The cargo van can hold up to 9 carriers whereas their current car only holds a maximum of 3.

So this new campaign is all about t-shirts! There are many styles and colours available

The link to order www.teespring.com/crazycatladycorner-tee-pawty

Here are some of the items you can purchase!

What do you guys think? I really love the tank top and I think it would be a great addition to your wardrobe especially for summer! Add the tote bag to your repetoire and you are beach ready!



Vendor At Meow Mania – May 27th 2017

I am excited to announce that I have registered to be a vendor at Meow Mania 2017.

This event is hosted by the Edmonton Cat Fanciers (www.edmontoncat.com) and will be a fun day with a  variety of vendors, silent auction and a cat show!

This will be my first official event so I am very excited to be featuring my book ‘Home is where my cat is’, art prints, bandannas, magnets and many other fun stuff!

If you are going to be in the Edmonton area, please come say hi! Mark the date!

May 27, 2017

At the Italian Cultural Center 

14230-133 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4W4

12pm – 5pm


Click Here For More Details.