Time For A Stroll!

It’s getting to be that time of year when we all want to spend as much time outside as we can….

Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year…. the flowers in bloom, the trees all green, street fairs, farmer’s markets, festivals galore, spending time out on the patio with a cool drink in hand……. ah! life can be perfect! 🙂

This is also the time that I try to go for walks (and an occasional run!) often…. Usually it is just me, sometimes with my husband and occasionally with Kitty 🙂

However, with it being so lovely outside, there are lots of other fur babies enjoying their time out as well. So this year, I thought I would invest in a little pet stroller ! This will allow me to take Kitty out while avoiding any unwanted interactions with those big doggies:)

I got some input from some cat enthusiasts on the various cat groups on Facebook…. spent a few hours online trying to find a good deal and eventually I managed to find a great stroller for a steal of a deal of $30 at a yard sale!

Here are some good tips to keep in mind when shopping for a stroller.


Safety first! This stroller has two safety hooks that can be attached to your pet’s harness


Make sure there is good ventilation all around!


There is enough space inside for her to move around!



This stroller also had a small bonus basket under it! Great to carry any extra treats or water for your trip!

So keep in mind to invest in something that has a sturdy frame, with lots of great ventilation as well as enough space inside so that your furbaby is comfortable … They need to be able to sit up, move around and enjoy the stroll! Extra pockets or baskets for storage is a bonus but not a necessity! The main thing is your pet’s safety and comfort!

Here is Kitty on one of her strolls .. 🙂



All ready to go !

kiity stroll



Homemade Cat Treats Part 2

Today  I put my baking skills to good use and made these awesome treats for Kitty.

I call it Tuna-tato Bites….It is super simple !

Ingredients :

1 can of tuna ( I used white flaked tuna)
1 egg
4 tbsp of rice flour (I used gluten free rice flour – it’s what I had!)
a few tsps of water
1/2 russet potato

Step 1

Peel and cut the potato into chunks and add it to boiling water. Let it boil for a good 8-10 mins.  Then, mash it up, making sure it is not too dry (add a few tsp of water to make it more pliable)


Step 2

Beat the egg in a separate bowl. Add them to the tuna and mix it well. Next add the rice flour.


Step 3

Spoon the mixture in a small muffin tin and bake in a preheated oven at 350C for 15 mins.

Note: if you are using muffin liners, the tuna will stick to it (as I later found out)… I would suggest leaving out the liners and bake directly in the pan.


Step 4

Spoon the mashed potatoes into a piping bag and add it on top of the baked treats once they have cooled. You can leave this part out if you prefer.


Finally, just to top it off, I added a piece of Kitty’s dry food to each of the treats:)


And now .. drumroll please…. The Taste Test…..




She LOVED it!!…. She wasn’t too crazy about the potato part so I may leave that out next time…

You will have to break the ‘muffin’ into smaller pieces for your cat …. It is a dry treat so make sure it is broken up to avoid any choking!!!… you can add some pumpkin puree to the tuna mixture if you want a more moist muffin.

No more than one muffin a day per cat…. And please store it in the fridge! It should last 3 to 5 days.



I would love to hear your thoughts on this recipe and if you end up making it for your furbaby, please send me some photos so I can share them here:)


Homemade Cat Treats!

So it all started when I was trying to find a cute treat/cake for Kitty’s birthday a few weeks ago…… As I went from one pet store to another, all I found was adorable doggy biscuits and cutely decorated dog cakes !

I mean, look at these! They are just too cute for words!!!


Anyway, my search ended with me coming home empty-handed, meaning I didn’t find anything cute and adorable like the above pictures!

So I had a chat with my buddy Ruby (a fellow cat mom,crazy cat lady and creative genius)the other day and we ended up talking about how there is a lack of specialty cat treats out there!

She had actually made some super adorable cat treats for Kitty awhile back….


So we decided that I try to make some cute home made treats and see how it goes….

The idea is to use very limited ingredients, mainly appeal to a cat’s natural carnivorous diet and make a few different varieties. Kitty and Ruby’s babies Jack and Feo will be the taste testers.

I have found some basic recipes and I am hoping to put my own twist on them…

Watch this space for how things turn out!! 🙂




I have tried my first recipe …. Here is the link https://crazycatladycorner.org/2016/04/14/homemade-cat-treats-part-2/


Happy, Happy, Kitty Day!

Today I spent some time reading about stories about the yays and nays of having a cat….Some were very touching and some were hilarious… ! As I read, I began to think how life has changed since Kitty came into our home.

People say life will never be the same when you have a child….

And while it may not be the same, I say life will never be the same when you have a pet! Once you get a pet, you are making a promise to provide a safe and quality life for that living creature!!  Yes it is a living, breathing, FEELING creature!

You would not believe how angry it makes me when I see or hear about people treating pets like they are some disposable object, like it is a fashion trend, to try it and then move on if it doesn’t work…. STOP!!!!!

If you do not have the TIME, MONEY or PATIENCE to take care of any pet, be it a cat, dog, fish, gerbil etc etc DO NOT GET ONE!! And if it is being mistreated, your pet’s life is more valuable to me that yours! There, I said it!

Ok! Deep Breath!!!

Back to the story…….

Let me walk you through a typical day with Kitty…

My husband and I usually wake up between 4.30am -5am to get ready for work. Kitty is so used to us being up at this time that if the alarm doesn’t go off for some reason, she jumps on the bed and meows until we wake up….. The down side to this is that she does this on weekends too ! lol

Once we are up, she follows one of us into the bathroom (usually me!).. While I brush my teeth, she drinks water out of the faucet and hangs out there while I get ready. Once I leave the bedroom, she dashes into the kitchen and waits for her wet food. It’s now 5.15am and as I get my lunch packed up, she rubs up against my leg and purrs up a storm until I pick her up and give her hugs. Hubby has already left by now.

Wet food out…. she is excited to try out a new flavor! She gets to try a new can every few days… Yes, she is spoilt! She will only start eating it when I start eating breakfast … Once we are both done and before I hear out the door, she stands in front the cupboard with a paw on the handle. Time for a treat before Mommy leaves for the day….Two treats are thrown in two directions and she chases them down ….. !

Fast Forward several hours …. I head back home after work and as soon as I walk up to the door, I hear her running. She greets me with loud meows and waits for hugs. She follows me while I freshen up and get things ready for dinner. She sits on the counter while I do the prep work and then the cooking. Once dinner is ready, she sits by the window waiting for Daddy to come home. Suddenly,her ears perk up, she bounces off the window ledge and dashes to the front door. She had seen Daddy outside! We all eat dinner at the same time. She is usually done first.. Then she sits next to us, hoping we will share some roast chicken or fish with her. We usually do…

She is now a bit hyper….She runs around, jumps on the cupboards, on the couch… off the couch, back and forth…. She is happy we are here:)

Night time… we settle in to watch some TV before bed. She hangs out with us, sitting up on her cat tree. Occasionally, she will jump down and sit on our laps and cuddle…  Her night time ritual is being brushed for about 5 mins. She loves it!!

It’s time for bed…. When the lights are all turned off, she follows us into the bedroom and does a small song and dance.. LOL… It consists of some loud meowing, loud rustling behind the blinds and then walking all over the bed in an attempt to see if we would wake up and pay attention to her. If there is no movement, she either goes back to her cat tree or sleeps between the two of us… And we repeat tomorrow!

That is a typical day with my sweet Kitty:)











Keeping It Fresh!

Today I thought I would write about keeping your pet’s food clean and fresh….

There are so many articles online about using special types of food containers to store different types of food. Some say store it in the bag, some say use this type of box, that type of can……so many contradictory statements and advice.

So I thought to myself, how would I want my food to be stored? Do I want to eat food stored in a smelly plastic container? Do I want new food to be dumped over the old stuff without washing out my dish? NO! Therefore, I treat Kitty’s food like I would my own.

I have tried many different cans, jars and containers to store pet food. In my personal experience, I found that if I left it in the bag, especially if the bag is not re-sealable, it causes the food to become stale very quickly.

Plastic containers are disliked very much in my household so that was not even an option for me. I have used them in the past and I must say if you can avoid storing ANYTHING in plastic, do it!

After many trials and errors, I found that mason jars work best to keep the dry food fresh for longer. If I do end up buying a larger bag of dry food, I split them up between a few mason jars and make sure the lids are secured tightly. They are stored in the pantry, away from heat and light. The same goes for treats as well.

Once opened, wet food cans are stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. I use a really good airtight lid for these cans. Kitty usually eats about a tablespoon of wet food twice a day and has access to dry food all day along with a fountain of fresh water. Of course, she gets treats and sometimes sits down to share some roast chicken or shrimp at dinner with us:)

When you store your pet food in a container, you should still keep the batch information, bar code and expiration date from the bag of food.  You can simply tear or cut this off the bag, and keep it inside the container.  If there is a pet-food recall, you will be able to easily determine if your pet’s food is affected.


Kitty’s food station

  • Stainless steel water fountain, cleaned out daily
  • Red  dry food dish with her kibbles – she munches on it whenever she gets hungry
  • Green wet food dish where she gets a little bit of wet food twice a day




Keeping Cats Safe In Winter

As the snow piles up and the temperature drops, health and safety risks increase for cats.

Here are five tips that will help keep all kitties safe and happy over the winter

  1. Keep cats inside

If a quick jaunt outdoors leaves you shivering and shaking, it’s too cold for your cat as well. You may think that they are accustomed to spending time outside but for their own health and safety, it’s worth keeping them indoors during the winter months.

  1. Create warm spaces indoors

Even indoors, it can get pretty chilly during the winter – make sure they have plenty of warm spaces to curl up inside the house. I have blankets and fluffy crate mats in several places around my apartment so Kitty has a warm, cuddly seat anywhere she goes.

  1. Before you start your car, bang on the hood

When the temperature drops, outdoor cats may seek shelter from the cold under the hood of your car. Give the hood a quick rap or honk your horn to scare away any hiding cats before you start your car.

  1. Be careful with chemicals

Antifreeze is highly poisonous to both cats and dogs. If you put antifreeze in your car this winter, make sure to thoroughly clean up any spills, securely replace the cap, and carefully wipe the sides of the container after use. You may also consider purchasing antifreeze made with propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol – it’s safer (though still dangerous) if ingested.

While antifreeze may be the biggest concern because its sweetness makes it taste good to animals, make sure you also clean up any other chemical spills this winter and try to limit your use of rock salt, which can make a cat sick if she eats it.

5.     Keep your neighborhood cats safe by building an outdoor cat shelter

Stray cats in your neighborhood may struggle to keep warm and find food in the wintertime. By making and maintaining an outdoor cat shelter, you can help keep your neighborhood’s strays warm and protected from the elements.


(Source: http://www.vetfolio.com)



Loves to play in the snow!


Adorable paw prints!


Kitty’s first snowfall! The look on her face is just hilarious!


Enjoying her walk in the snow!



Care For Some Grass Anyone?

Kitty is a little obsessed with eating plants……

Last year, my mother in law bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the minute I set it down on the table, Kitty pounced on it… Even thought I tried to keep her away from it, she managed to chow down some flowers. Needless to say, all this happy eating ended up in a pile of puke on the carpet a few hours later.

Since then, I have never brought fresh flowers indoors.

When we go out for a walk, she happily grabs mouthfuls of whatever it is that is growing out there. So no surprise,we don’t go on walks out to the garden too often now.

So I had to figure out a safe way to give her an opportunity to dig around in the dirt and eat some grass…


Cat Grass!

According to the many articles online, Cat Grass is a name used to describe different types of grass which are popular with cats. The most popular type of cat grass is Avena sativa, or the Common Oat.

Unlike catnip, cat grass doesn’t induce a high in cats. There is no definitive answer as to why cats eat grass but some theories out there suggest that they act as a laxative and helps with the passage of hairballs through the system. The research also suggests that it might provide certain vitamins and nutrients your cat is lacking and sometimes eating grass can induce vomiting, which helps the cat bring up hairballs(source: www.cat-world.com.au)

After having done some reading on this, I purchased a grow-it-yourself kit from the store. Unfortunately this didn’t work out so well. The plant wouldn’t grow even though I followed the instructions and eventually Kitty ended up pulling out all the roots and playing with the dirt.

My next option was to try to grow this from scratch. So I purchased some good quality soil, a bag of seeds and a large container in order to get this done. A week or so later, I could see the bright green grass beginning to sprout and soon, they were long enough for Kitty to enjoy them.

Every morning she goes out on to the balcony to enjoy her yummy treat. She slowly learnt not to pull them out by the root and now she just takes a bite off the top.

Look at her enjoying this bountiful harvest !:)



Pawlicious Food!

We are on the constant lookout for fresh, healthy food… Then why do we not think twice about giving our pets the best? Do they not deserve fresh food without chemicals and fillers?

I am constantly researching the safest and healthiest cat foods to feed Kitty and have tried many different varieties so far.

I started with Blue Buffalo, Organix, Merrick, Wellness… anything that was advertised as the next best thing.

Eventually I stumbled upon Orijen. It was locally made, with real ingredients and no fillers. Kitty loved it as her dry food.

For wet food, I found nothing better than the Weruva BFF and TruLuxe line. Not only was in grain free, it was also free of carrageenan which is a thickener added to most human and pet foods.Some studies show that this could be a possible carcinogen.

The best thing about this line is that when you open the can, you can actually recognize the food that is in it. There are chunks of meat, salmon, duck and lamb, shredded chicken and flakes of tuna and some vegetables as well. Kitty only eats the gravy kind and not the pate.

I think it’s so important to take time to read the list of ingredients on each item of food you buy for yourself as well as your furbabies. After all, we are what we eat

What do you feed your precious furbabies? Leave a comment and let me know.

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